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91 = banana

Day 91…
I eat a banana every single day. I have for about 25 years. That is a lot of bananas! I have missed a few days over the years ..and i do mean few… it is painful. 14 more words


Veg Table-eggplant

My parents taught me that girls must learn to make dishes. So my cooking recipe is from my parents.

My childhood, what to make meals at kitchen is my father, the mother is always busy to work, My father loves to eat an eggplant, he always after cutting into several of eggplants and put into the cooking pot steams familiar. 60 more words


My Garden-Water Snowball and blue tiger(光冠水菊和青斑蝶)

Tirumala limniace(青斑蝶)

If the sea can make people relax,I think watching butterflies fly is another to relax method.

In the garden, different seasons will change kinds of flowers and butterflies,flowers attract butterflies and bees,People are too close to the bees might be attacked, but the butterfly easily by frightened. 33 more words


Post Op

Pre op

Post op

Everything seems to be going well. DR says stitches and cast will come off in 10days. From there I get a walking boot and work my way back to recovery.