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New Patient Derived Blood Platelets For Use on Periodontal and Implant Patients

Platelet-rich fibrin or, fibrin concentrate, can now be used during surgical procedures to accelerate wound healing and tissue maturation. Platelet rich fibrin (PRF) , a second generation platelet concentrate, was developed in  France by Dr Choukroun in 2001. 230 more words


Day +5

Bring it on, I’m in an arse kicking kind of mood :)

WBC: 0.09, Hb: 92,  PLT: 20, NEUTS: 0.05

I didn’t want to write today’s blog till a little later. 789 more words


Day +3

What a difference a day can make.

WBC: 0.59, Hb: 78, PLT: 7, NEUTS: 0.56

Well what a difference a day makes! Yesterday everything run smoothly, I managed to rest from nearly the whole a day, apart from the getting up to shower, the 4 times a day you need to brush your teeth and use mouth wash, have beds made and use the loo I pretty but spent the whole day even if not sleeping, lying with my eyes closed, after having some paracetamol in the morning and didn’t feel like I needed any until the cyclosporin started again and by the evening, and today I don’t feel like I need any yet either! 552 more words


Day -4

I’m Getting Worn Out Now

As the title said, I’m getting worn out now, I was wrong about the infusions yesterday, just as I had finished my blog out came a list of 3 bags of potassium that took and hour each and a 6 hour infusion or phosphate, these are Electrolytes and the chemotherapy can wipe them out your body and cause them to be very low so it’s great they can replace them, I know I need them and trust me I’m not ungrateful in the slightest but when your knackered and when whip out these 3 bags and a giant bottle to connect up to you that’s going to finish at 2.30am it’s the last think you want to see! 513 more words


Day -5

Infusions Infusions Infusions

Well I must say the chemo wasn’t as bad as I thought no sickness and I have just finished today’s lot, mind you there is a lot of infusions, I think yesterday I had 10 different IV infusions with the 2 lots of chemotherapy, the antibody treatment and the other medication I’m on, plus there’s also the pre-medication pushed through my line, all the tablets, the pool of platelets I needed yesterday and the unit of blood that didn’t arrive till 11pm and finish is till 1am and trust me no matter how may sleeping tablets you take with the clicking of the machine that pushes the blood through there’s no sleeping, I did how ever have a gap from 1pm to 6am not plugged in to anything so I got a bit of shut eye then! 407 more words


Day -10

Lights, carmaras, action

So today was a slightly different day for me, as well as going to have my usual weekly platelet transfusion I was involved in filming part for the new campaign to encourage people to donate blood over Christmas, it’s going to be used on TV (I think more on YouTube and pre-program ads more than TV adverts themselves, to be honest I’m not to sure what they are using it for I just agreed lol) a radio campaign and still photos to advertise on facebook and social media and websites I think, as soon as I get the finished campaign back I’ll post it. 354 more words