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(Hopefully) Final Chemo Stretch Begins

After chemo got put on hold last Monday due to my low platelet count, I embarked on a week of positive energies leading me to today.  691 more words


The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful

I went to Stanford today for Day 1 of my (potentially) last 21-day cycle of chemotherapy.

The Good:  For the first time ever, the nurse got my IV in and blood drawn on the first poke!  377 more words


My ITP Story- Or- That Time I Randomly Almost Bled to Death- Part 1

DISCLAIMER- please excuse the egregiously bad spelling and grammar in this post. I am on a high dose of steroids and I can barely remember to take the keys out of the door let alone how to spell or put together excellent sentences. 2,428 more words


"Probably Nothing": A Wish and A Journey Begins

“Probably Nothing .” I told myself.

I sat in the exam room, a skimpy gown barely covering the strange black and blue bruises that had appeared on my body every day for the past months. 344 more words

Autoimmune Disease

Any chance you know your blood type?

The drama continues.  There were only two potential complications I was aware of and concerned about going into the chemotherapy process:  (1)  that my veins might give out and I could need a port or a PICC line and (2) a low white blood count could put me at increased risk of infection and postponed treatments.  1,123 more words


Good Day 9-5-14

My sister-in-law sent some fun things. One of them was a nice set of mustaches. What do you think of my first one?

I received a few funny looks and many compliments thanks to Marie. 341 more words

Attitude is only a little thing yet it does make a big difference - Winston Churchill



I want to run away. I want to take my little family and run as far away from here as I can. Unfortunately that’s not a option but it doesn’t make my desire to do it lessen any. 811 more words

Brain Cancer