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A blessing in disguise

I felt refreshed the morning of surgery.  We left home at 5am and reached Stanford right on time for check-in.  We hadn’t heard from the doctors last night about the results of the blood draws, but everything seemed to be proceeding as planned.   746 more words


ITP by the Numbers

I used to be really positive about this whole thing, but now I just hate it. I just. Fucking. Hate it. It drives me crazy to have to sit home and do nothing with my life, and just wait. 804 more words


The origin of...Skeleton

“If you can’t get rid of the skeleton in your closet, you’d best teach it to dance.” George Bernard Shaw

A skeleton is the supporting structure of an organism and two types can be identified: the exoskeleton (outer part) and the endoskeleton (support structure inside the body). 377 more words

The Human Body

What in the world is ITP?

So I have finally received a diagnosis!  Feel free to read my earlier posts if you don’t know how anxiously I was awaiting news…  after having a couple appointments at the local Cancer Center, and after having blood drawn multiple times (15 vials in one day!), and after having a test done for every applicable bleeding disorder, it has been discovered that I have ITP. 364 more words

Daily Diary

Darrel Update, October 7, 2014

Doctor Visit
Another depressing visit to the doctor today. The plan was for Darrel to have blood drawn and then we would have a visit with Dr. 681 more words

Darrel Updates

On the Healing of Scrapes

Imagine you’re going for a walk-or a jog, depending on how energetic you currently feel. Now imagine that you trip over something; say, uneven ground, or your shoelaces. 183 more words

School Assignment

The MRI results are in

Dancing is my escape.  I’ve loved it since my parents put me in lessons at the age of 3.  It was how I connected to my culture throughout childhood.  1,047 more words