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Photo101 : Day14 : Swarms of Red, White and Blue.

I was having a lovely coffee break looking through all the posts from today and came across today’s brief. I wondered what on earth I would use when I looked up and saw the beautiful pattern of clouds all around me. 240 more words


Nanotech platelets clot blood and then dissolve

Futurity highlights work at the University of California, Santa Barbara into nanotech that could help save many lives by clotting blood at wounds and injuries, particularly where the persons own platelets aren’t able to do so fast enough (due to medication or a pre-existing condition). 25 more words


Researchers treat canine cancer

A research team at Mississippi State’s College of Veterinary Medicine is working to better understand cancer in dogs, and the work also could advance knowledge of human cancer. 450 more words

Dog Care

Friday Fone Foto - Platelets

I have been long overdue for a blood donation at the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. I was booked in for a donation this morning for a blood plasma, when I was asked if I could donate platelets instead. 105 more words


150 Donations

Last week I attended the Red Cross Blood Service for my 150th Donation. I donation Plasma on a regular basis. The reason for this blog post is not to say how good I am, but rather promote donating blood. 213 more words