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And I Thought I Knew a Daughter

Autumn in Rhode Island – 1980

Fathers think they know most everything they need to know about their kids. Until one day they learn something which both surprises and astonishes them because it seems so out of character. 770 more words


Vampire facial uses patient's blood to 'restore youth'

EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR/CNN) — A new cosmetic craze called the vampire facial claims to use your own blood to make you look younger.

The procedure uses a patient’s own blood platelets to help heal tissue and regenerate cells. 221 more words


Commercial drugs

The COX-2 enzyme, on the other hand, works to synthesize prostacyclin from essential fatty acids. Prostacyclin helps prevent platelets from clumping and promotes blood vessel dilation and inflammation and in high concentrations can drill holes through weak stomach linings. 30 more words


The spleen is known as the ‘graveyard of red blood cells’. It breaks down both red and white blood cells that are spent, and the blood platelets.


Platelets are up

Platelets are up.

July 1, 2014

Yes!  It is now 375!  Unbelievable.  It use to be 60 or 70, now it is three times higher.  To qualify for clinical trials, it needs to be 100.   8 more words



  • low iron
  • then OK iron
  • but raised ESR
  • raised platelets
  • thrombocytosis
  • then swollen hands – between the knuckles
  • now also ON the hands joints almost stretched tight…
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Me And My Defects

Home Again

Thankfully I managed to get home this morning, the redness and hives from yesterday have gone down but my hands are still slightly puffy which is ultra glamorous (not). 269 more words