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DockerとMicrosoft:Windows ServerおよびMicrosoft AzureとDockerを統合 [ #cbajp ]

Linux、Windows Server、Microsoft Azure上ですばらしいコンテナベースの開発を可能にするため、MicrosoftはDocker社と提携したことを発表させて頂きます。Dockerとは、開発者や管理者が、分散アプリケーションの構築、出荷、実行ができるオープンプラットフォームです。



GoogleのクラウドプラットホームもついにBaaSを提供へ…Firebase買収でリアルタイム機能を充実 [ #cbajp ]




LinkedIn Publishing: Useful or Useless?

Hello, hello! Wow. Bad writer. My class load has been crazy, and between wanting to graduate with a decent GPA and work, sadly this little blog has fallen by the wayside. 399 more words


The Smarter Way to Provide Cloud Education

Any IT service provider (ITSPs) who’s been selling cloud services longer than a week can attest to the fact that there’s a lot of confusion and wrong information about the cloud that has to be dealt with before one can discuss specific cloud services and costs. 371 more words


My New Blog Scares Me

I’ve been blogging for over a year. Yet now that I’m switching the location of my blog, I’m scared. This is a bizarre and fascinating phenomenon which I feel should be studied. 319 more words


Video Marketing Platform

Saturday Market in MainzImage by szeke
Saturday market in downtown Mainz, around the corner from the beautiful cathedral. Mainz is a very nice old town, forming part of the roman empire. 20 more words