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WIP of Library pieces

This is for a 3D platformer Library level. The pink rectangle guy represents the size of the player.


PSTS Let's Play Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze: Episode 19 - I'm Into Meat Mashing

There’s something very fruity about this world as the next two levels showcase even more uses of “fruit as platformer elements”, first with spiky hazards and mashers, then with frozen fruit. That’s right: popsicle platforms.

Video Games

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PSOne)

As a video gamer, I have to confess: I have no extensive experience with the Castlevania franchise. Up until the past two weeks, my exposure to the famed Konami series was limited to brief brushings with the original NES Castlevania and its sequel, Simon’s Quest. 697 more words


A deeper look and review at Life Goes On now available on Steam

Life Goes On started as a project born out of the 2012 #GlobalGameJam. Since then, the small team development team out of Alberta-based #InfinteMonkeys… 1,030 more words

Linux Game News

Top 5 Platformers

Decided to do something different this time around.  Going to do a top 5 series of genres as well to bring out some of the top games on OUYA.   845 more words


Game Review: Smurfs 2 (PS3)

Film licences are usually a terrible fodder and often best left to the sidelines, however against my better judgement I kept seeing people talking about how surprisingly good Smurfs 2 is! 311 more words