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One to Watch Out For: Penarium


Penarium is a frantic 2D arena arcade game where you take on the role of our quirky antihero; Willy. Willy is trapped in a crazy circus show where he needs to run, jump and avoid an array of killer deathtraps while being cheered on by a sadistic crowd that’s out for blood; his blood. 118 more words

Pixel Art

SNES A Day 59: Krusty's Super Fun House

Approximate Release Date: June 1, 1992
Genre: Puzzle/platformer
Developer: Audiogenic
Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment

It’s not especially insightful to say that licensed games are usually subpar. But… 532 more words


Unity2d Platformer Movement Part 2: Jumping and Collision

In the last post, I posted some code that had a bug related to movement in the Y axis. So, I compensated wrongly by changing the gravity scale to 10 instead of 1 in the RigidBody2D component. 171 more words


Playstation 4 News: EA Confirm that 'Battlefield: Hardlines' Delayed to 2015

Tonight EA have made the announcement that the next chapter in the Battlefield game series, ‘Hardlines’ is to be delayed until 2015. After being shown at E3 and the surprise of a immediate beta on Playstation 4, EA have said in a statement that as a result of the beta feedback from players, they are choosing to delay the game until next year in order to be more innovative with the game, working on things that will make the game as good as it can be. 667 more words


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Delay after Delay! Go Play Destiny!

Super Mario Bros. X

Mariogasm is a Super Mario fan game by Andrew Spinks, a.k.a. Redigit, a.k.a. demilogic, a.k.a. the guy who made Terraria. Imagine you took Super Mario All-Stars, World, Zelda II, and Super Metroid graphics, and threw them into a blender, after which you’d pour out the resulting blob of epic into a game and could not only build stuff in it, but play as Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, or Link (because fuck Samus, right?). 371 more words


15 Minutes of Game: Oddworld New 'n' Tasty

Time for another 15 Minutes of Game, and this time around we are looking at the first 15 minutes of Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty, which hits PS4 today and is coming soon to PS3, PC, Xbox One, Wii U, and PS Vita. 123 more words

Video Games

Ninja Pizza Girl

Ninja Pizza Girl is a stylish, side scrolling platformer currently in development by indie outfit Disparity Games, based in sunny Noosa, Australia.  They’ve recently launched a  217 more words