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Hive Jump an action platformer now on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac, Windows PC, and Wii U

Hive Jump is one of the more exciting Kickstarter campaigns, perfectly blending the frantic run ‘n gun action of #classicshooters like Contra with the unpredictability of… 408 more words

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Residue Review

Earlier this year we had the chance to play and review They Breathe, a surprisingly haunting game about a frog’s journey to the bottom of a lake. 1,069 more words


Open-ended platformer Super Win the Game is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC


David Pittman makes note to #MinorKey’s Super Win the Game, #sequel to their 2012 freeware title You Have to Win the Game. If you cannot recall it, or you have never heard of it, YHTWTG is a #platformer with a curvy, visual filter reminiscent of the chunky monitors of yore. 140 more words

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Simple One-Way Platforms in Unity 2D

That’s right… 2D, not 3D…

I’ve been recently revisiting my mouse (the rodent, not the controller) platformer and I wanted to try out Unity’s relatively new 2D tools and see how they compared to Flash. 699 more words


Donkey Kong [ColecoVision]

The game that started it all. And it’s one of those rare occasions where a title is named after its villain. Yes, Donkey Kong used to be a baddie back in the early 80’s. 349 more words

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