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Smoke and Mirrors and Global Game Jam

Over the weekend, Stephanie, Rose, Arim, Jake, and I decided to participate in this crazy thing called a Game Jam. It’s essentially a hackathon, but for games. 932 more words

Magician Lord haiku: English Edition

Like plant ascending,

Elta must climb a fortress

To save his homeland


Athena haiku: Japanese Edition

This is my original post rewritten in Japanese.


Shokubutsu ribāshingu to dōyō ni,

Girisha no kami no kōfuku, Atena

Nihonjin ga hyōji sa remasu


Athena haiku: Greek Edition

This is my original post rewritten in Greek.

Όπως εργοστάσιο αναγέννησησης,
Ελληνική θεϊκό ον, Αθηνά
εμφανίζεται Ιαπωνικά

Ópo̱s ergostásio anagénni̱si̱si̱s,
Elli̱nikí̱ theïkó on , Athi̱ná 6 more words


Just a Moment with Deadlight (PC)

The 1980s were a much simpler time; no cell phones, no internet, and a whole crap-load of things that clearly aren’t zombies trying to eat you.

Game Reviews

Final Thoughts on Sly Cooper 3: Honor Among Thieves

I know it’s been a little while since my last look at the Sly Cooper series, but I had finished a few games in between the second and third installment and figured I’d write about them first. 1,278 more words

Final Thoughts

Athena haiku: English Edition

Like plant rebirthing,
Greek divine being, Athena
Appears Japanese