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Natalie Lauren Is Now A Platinum Selling Songwriter @msnatalielauren

Most of you don’t know but Natalie Lauren (f.k.a. Suzy Rock) writes for some of the biggest artists in the secular music industry. One of artists that she has written for is Iggy Azalea. 140 more words



Arlington & Co. Hatton Garden - Bespoke Platinum Engagement Ring.

Hand made here in our on site workshop. A beautiful pear shape diamond. With a… 8 more words

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Will there be a second platinum album in 2014?

There’s an interesting topic sprouting up in music these days and I’m chiming in…

…to talk about whether there will be a second platinum album this year or not! 462 more words

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We celebrate our moms-Patricia Gause and Judith James and are grateful they are survivors! 452 more words

No Platinum Albums this year... Is that bad?

You can say what you want about albums not going platinum this year and blame digital music bla bla bla,

but also look at the facts: Vinyl sales are up to over a mil in the UK for the first time in 18 years, Musica (SA Retailer) Sold more Vinyls than cd’s last xmas, and One of the Biggest bands in the world Biffy Clyro, share a three bedroom apartment and make all their money from touring because the record industry screwed them. 44 more words


Diamond and Platinum- The Perfect Combo Wedding Ring

It’s better to have some basic idea of what you need, before heading towards jewelry shop; you might be having some specific bands in mind and it is possible to get all those in one particular store. 270 more words


My Wedding Band - Part 2

Well, there you have it folks! Silver did not get a rave review from ESB. And, fair enough. It is not the strongest of metals. 304 more words