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What is "Mythos" and "Logos"?

I have recently noticed that a good deal of traffic to this website is driven by searches for the terms “mythos” and “logos” — and yet, despite the name of this website, I have not yet provided an adequate explanation for these terms. 1,557 more words


Plath and Plato

Sylvia Plath is one of the greatest poets of the 20th century–indeed, of all times.  She was gifted–and cursed–with extreme sensitivity and a great capacity for empathy;  she was a master (strike that: … 882 more words


The Analogy of the Cave

One of Plato’s most well-known allegories is that of the cave. Plato used this to illustrated the collective human goal to strive towards truth.  I think it is beneficial for any student to learn the allegory with a visual aid. 150 more words


IV Advent, Sunday


Isaiah 42:1-12; Ephesians 6:10-20; John 3:16-21

There were these people who lived in a cave.  They were born in the cave, raised below ground, never exposed to the light of day.  415 more words

Advent Reflections