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"The Apology" - Plato

“…for I was conscious of knowing practically nothing…”


Plato's Other Half

Thank you Bella Moon Starr and Annie R Shaw Flanagan as well as everyone else for your help,


and this is not the video I remember but it shows a piece of it on the screen behind her… 1,711 more words

All We Need Is Love

Avoid "Her"pes—Fall in Love With Your Laptop

I’m going to admit right off the bat that the title of this post as nothing to do with the content. I just couldn’t resist. 3,596 more words

Island Empire: Atlantis

Santorini has turned out to be a modern scientific validation of the ancient legend of Atlantis. While it may be debated whether the legend is valid in its entirety, we now know that a mighty island kingdom existed in the Bronze Age, and a mightier volcanic eruption destroyed it. 312 more words


"The Apology - Plato

”I then tried to show him that he thought himself wise, but that he was not.  As a result, he came to dislike me, and so did many of the bystanders.”



1 – In some areas of Christian theology universalism is the belief that everyone will be saved in the fullness of time. Because God is loving, merciful and understanding, some Christians do not believe that God would permit an everlasting hell. 162 more words