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The Indefatigableismus of being Plato

Milan Kundera wrote a book titled The Unbearable Lightness of Being. It’s a great title for a book and I really wish I had thought of it first. 221 more words


The artist in a hostile world

With a new term comes a change in focus: this blog will now primarily be used to post my thoughts and reflections on the Libraries & Publishing in an Information Society… 854 more words

Information Society

The Nature of Love

We cannot talk about the true meaning of love without examining its nature. In understanding its nature we must discern whether love is an emotion or a state of the mind, a psychological affliction or even a theological expression. 387 more words

Column 568


Wie ooit een halve dag in Griekenland is geweest, zag dat toch van ver aankomen, dat extreemlinks deze keer de verkiezingen zou winnen? 620 more words

Emotion Quote #279

“Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.”

I found this urban emoticon during one of my solo photo walks. Love the frozen smiley made up by the decaying wood and the rusty iron. 53 more words


Quick Note on the Third Man Argument

The third man argument has no force if the sentence of the form: ‘The Large is large’ is taken to be self-predication – that is, a statement of that being large is a part of what it is to be large – and not an example of something which is an additional thing that displays the form Large. 12 more words


An Assemblage of Agape/Love

“A community so conceived carries in itself something tribal, which the polis and civitas tend to negate. In this tribal community the cultivation of heroic virtues is not what matters but rather the ever-renewed transmission of the signs of love, charity, and the bringing to birth of new members by baptism, with which the lifelong emancipatory process of…

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