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I loved you
with poetry
without ever wanting you.

I think you were afraid of my love,
my loving you,
but it was never a flame… 20 more words

The Fortune I Shamelessly Covet

Within her scarlet harmonies
I joyfully concede
And languish
Uprooted from distress

For her sweltering verse
Is the fortune
I shamelessly covet

Its passion swarms… 38 more words


I Just Noticed Something

I post a lot of “I’m back” stuff and that’s really funny to me. Anyway, on to the point of today’s post, someone asked me why I post just random shit all the time. 332 more words

Letter to my first platonic love.

You know what!?

Get out of my head right now! I can’t believe I have thinking about these crazy ideas you brought to me last night. 149 more words

things my mother gave me

shoulder pads
a cigarette burn on my left shoulder
her middle name
a battle with me at the middle
second helpings of mashed potatoes… 277 more words


Crossed Trees, Dotted Skies

Out of fear of jeopardizing a nascent acquaintance, with someone who understood “small talk” as being the conversations we have on the subject of our size relative to Earth, and its size relative to the universe, I agreed — to hop through puddles, and over the tracks; to lower my defenses against soiling my new Oxford flats. 627 more words