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Tetrahedron ~ A Platonic Solid

Formed of four equilateral triangles:
Element – Fire. Symbol of willpower, courage, passion, self-confidence.
Related to – The power of creation.
Function – Manifestation, increases vitality and stimulates consciousness.


TSM7 : Grass, Shapes & Colour

Holy fuck, what happened to this blog ? I don’t know but it’s a nice break from writing. And I promise I’ll resume writing.

Yesterday as I waited for my son to run some errands during his school lunch hour, I picked up my Ipod and recorded some more verbiage about the importance of grass, shape and colour and how they make us feel. 143 more words

The Something Monologues

On the Construction of the Tetrahedron

Introducing our first Platonic solid – the tetrahedron, also known as the triangular pyramid.

Look at that beautiful thing. Plato equated this shape with fire, under the rock-solid reasoning that fire felt like a bunch of pointy little tetrahedrons stabbing you. 532 more words

Platonic Solids

Illumination Videos

Presented here are various videos found on YT.  You don’t have to believe every word but let the seeds take root.  Tell me what kind of information would you like to see more orf?   132 more words

Esoteric Knowledge

Golden Path - The Core Wound and Platonic Numbers

Gene Keys Journal, 24 October 2014

Here are my notes on reading Richard Rudd’s “Hologenesis and the Sacred Wound”.  I am binding this piece together with all the steps so far in my Golden Path book.   1,500 more words

Gene Keys

On why there are only five Platonic solids

To my many devoted followers, to my modern day Pythagoreans:

I know the question that has been burning in your mind. Why, oh why are there only five Platonic solids? 866 more words

Platonic Solids

MISSION ONE: Platonic Solids

So, a tetrahedron and a dodecahedron walk into a restaurant, only to see a waiting room filled with cylinders, spheres, and pentahedrons, all waiting for a table. 312 more words

Platonic Solids