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4, 3, 2, 1 (nadis-energy channels)

Four limbs

3 eyes

2 heads, 2 hearts

1 Soul & that contains The Gold,

Obtain it then Remember your Role,

in the Circle of Life.. 82 more words

Linguistic Liberation - Poetry

On the Construction of the Dodecahedron

Now, the Dodecahedron is pretty out there. It pushes the limits of what can be a Platonic solid. Composed of pentagons, meeting three at each vertex, it barely makes it under the 360° limit: 680 more words

Platonic Solids

Geometry experiment

I tried an addon for blender called Mextrude and I quickly figured that I can make some cool geometry. I played like a half hour with it and came with these results. 37 more words


On the Construction of the Octahedron

Back to Schlaefli symbols. One of the more common uses for the Schlaefli symbol is reversing the order of the numbers to get a polyhedron’s dual. 736 more words

Platonic Solids

On the Construction of the Cube

Hello, world! Now, this is a good day for what is possibly the most famous, recognizable polyhedron in the literal world. This thing is everywhere. It’s amazing that this has become so widely accepted as being the “best polyhedron” and the one that everyone clings to like a mosquito to a kid running as fast as they can. 455 more words

Platonic Solids