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Another Ode to Sir Charles

In an earlier post on this blog, I delved into the many reasons why Charles Barkley is such a forceful figure in the world of sports media. 239 more words


(Kdrama) Liar Game Episode 7 and 8: The President Game and Forging a New Path

Finally, an original game! Three rounds in and more than halfway into the first season, it seemed like the Korean adaptation of Liar Game would, for the most part, just stick to the games and rounds as they appear in the original manga. 1,281 more words


And Suddenly It All Made Sense

No matter the career you choose to pursue, you’ll very likely reach a point where you’re looking for a sign(s) to tell you that you’ve “made it.” Why? 323 more words


Get Used to This

As I have previously discussed in this blog, the business of sports broadcasting is incredibly cut-throat. This is especially true when it comes to the viewing/listening public. 351 more words


(Kdrama) Liar Game Episode 5 and 6: The Layoff Game

It might be that I’m just getting really excited about how this drama is progressing as a whole, but Liar Game feels like it’s getting better and better with each episode.  1,051 more words


When the curtain splits...

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As a broadcaster, I have always felt a unique connection to people who engage in theatre. At first, it may seem odd to compare the role of a dramatic actor to that of a play-by-play broadcaster, but they are actually more relatable than you think. 325 more words


Don't go Out of Bounds

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As this blog has alluded to previously, the jobs of play-by-play announcer and analyst are essential to the success of a broadcast team. 310 more words