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[Log Horizon 2] Episode 3: Raid Mechanics for the MMO Soul

Overall. Episode 3 is pretty much a continuation of the plot setup in Episode 2 (read Episode 2 review). Shiroe & co. begin on the raid, while festivities still continue in Akihabara as the adventurers prepare for Christmas. 895 more words


[Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso] Episode 2: Love Conspiracy, Music Heaven, and Nitpicking Mistakes

“My music…will it reach them?” – Miyazono Kaori

Overall. Great follow-up to the first episode (read Episode One Review). In terms of plot, not much happened though – Episode Two is more of a setup episode, and builds up the hype for the season fantastically by giving you a taste of what is to come on all fronts—awesome music, superb animation, developing romance, and of course, the return to competition.

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[Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso] Episode 1: Gorgeous Art, Music, and Laputa

“I met the girl under full-bloomed cherry blossoms, and my fate has begun to change.” – Naoshi Arakawa, mangaka

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso is about a piano prodigy Arima Kousei who had a mental breakdown after his mother and piano instructor died.

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Jock Jargon

Have you ever wondered what goes into the unique vocabulary that sports broadcasters use? Depending on the sport that is being covered, several oddball terms will be thrown out during the course of a broadcast that takes multiple hours. 448 more words


Controversy is Power

Throughout his illustrious playing career, Charles Barkley accomplished almost everything imaginable in the NBA. As the bearer of 11 All-Star selections, the 1993 Most Valuable Player award and a spot on Team USA’s Dream Team in the ’92 Olympics, Barkley knows a thing or two about making an impact wherever he goes. 456 more words


Behind the scenes, Act I with Play-by-Play

Occasionally we’ll be taking readers behind the scenes of organizations or companies of interest (and benefit) to the avid theatergoer. Today a look at Play-by-Play. 284 more words

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Boring-Voiced Aubrey Plaza Typecast to Announce 76ers Games This Season

Thanks to the popularity of her character April Ludgate on the sitcom Parks and Recreation, actress Aubrey Plaza has been typecast once again. The Delaware native has been hired to do play-by-play for the 76ers this season in her token monotone voice she apparently has to do in every role and whenever I imagine having sex with her. 104 more words