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Trying a Dungeon World Play by Post

Every since I read Dungeon World I felt like it could help me be a better GM, but life being what it is, I haven’t been able to schedule it in with my main group so I decided to try running a play by post game over on OctopusOverlords.com (a nice group of mature people that tend to focus on PC games, but discuss all types of gaming, world events, etc).  79 more words

Dungeon World

It is boring when all people want to do is write sex. It bores me. So much. Where is the story? What about the part that makes me care? 12 more words

Play By Post

Hybrid Gaming

LIke most adult gamers, I’ve noticed how difficult it is to get people together on a regular basis for face-to-face gaming, via hangouts or otherwise. Some people just can’t get the few hours in a dedicated block of time every week (or however often you meet). 117 more words


The Umbral Meadow

This is it…my first post.  This is good, right?  I have nothing to beat; nothing that has previously set my standard.  But then, this will set my standard.  599 more words