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There are many home made play dough recipes to be found online, and many bloggers who swear it is better than store brand Play-Doh…IT IS!  Here is the recipe I found among… 134 more words

Environment As Third Teacher

Fun Rainy Day Activity

I don’t know about you but I live in Michigan where we just had a massive flood! So we were trapped inside several days and below is a great rainy day idea: 84 more words


Trying a Hunt’s sugar free caramel pudding and damn if I don’t smell and taste a hint of playdoh.

Play-Doh Heart

Find solid wisdom through the thoughts at Proverbial Thought!

There are some things in this world that are rock solid and others that are softer, more pliable. 503 more words

Daniel Klem

Monday Morning Machinations...(aka "Teaser: The Sequel")

What do Play-Doh and Legos have to do with Finn’s story?  Well, perhaps not much, directly.  What do they have to do with my development of Finn’s story?  52 more words


Right, hands up – who enjoys craft? Any craft really? Me? I enjoy a bit of envelope pimping with washi tape/coloured pens/stickers. I enjoy a bit of doodling here and there (not totally craft but it involves pen and paper). 719 more words