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John Zorn, Spillane

Sonic Youth, Kim Gordon and the Arthur Doyle hand cream

Shannon Wright, Tax the patients

Pj Harvey, The words that maketh murder… 302 more words


Why Tracklists Matter

Now, now before you get your panties in a bind about how “original” you are, how you don’t want other people “copying” your style and how other people are too lazy to find their own good music, this blog post is aimed EXACTLY at those Radio Show Hosts, DJ’s and Producers that are on Promo lists. 431 more words

Music Talk & Advice

I want to know why we stopped dancing

I want to know why we stopped dancing.

Where have the movements and the fashion and the rebellion gone? Why did we (you, my friends, our friends of friends) stop going out to dance? 389 more words


Stop. Listen. Burn.


You had better run from me
with everything you own
cause I am gonna come for you
with all that I have… 409 more words


Becoming Better With Age...And a Dinner Party Playlist

Here at HEUCY, we still have travel on the mind – literally and figuratively. At our launch party a few weeks ago, we asked some of you to name and describe your geographic “happy place.” HEUCY Gal Sarah – an incredibly organized, chic, witty and socially conscious mother of 4 – said that her “happy place” is her home in Brooklyn. 517 more words


Better Off Alone (playlist)!

This is a mix I made when interpersonal shit was sucking hard and consistently enough that I would rate it as one of my lifetime all time lows. 166 more words

Play List

Girls' Names I playlist!

This is another playlist I made in college i.e. before this site existed. I can only recall its track listing because I had the forethought to document it on my last.fm account, which I am now referencing to repeat the track list here. 82 more words

Play List