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Play Report: Temple of K'thu'uk

I don’t know why I keep forgetting how dangerous D&D Fifth Edition can be to level 1 characters. Last night I ran a small one-off adventure based on the… 1,334 more words

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MC Hammer Adventure 2: Journey to Kegapalooza

This is the first test of the “GM-less rules” for Axes and Anvils. The “Frame Master” sets the scene; they are headed to a music festival (now called Kegapalooza) and some other competitors do not want them to arrive. 662 more words

Caskbound for Hire Adventure 1: Stonesky Delve

I ran Stonesky Delve, adapted for Axes and Anvils.

  • Devron Leveler: berserker, chosen, mason.
  • Korvask Wryt: vanguard, enchanter, scholar.
  • Revelle Lateminder: mauler, delver, gemsmith.
  • 739 more words

Caskbound Adventure 2: Retake the Forge!

The dwarves of Clan Caskbound were asked to go on a dangerous mission for the clan! Who answered the call?

Play Report: Relic Hunters Guild Session 2

NB: a continuation of Dyson’s Delves Level 1. I travelled on business this week, delaying the write-up.

This little one-shot has started to turn into a fun dungeon crawl campaign. 582 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

MC Hammer Adventure 1: the Stefani Shrine

The dwarves and elves of Lost Anvilis were restless and excited. In a week, the legendary elven performer Pricey would come and perform to a sold-out crowd, and fans were filtering in from all over. 479 more words

Group B: Clan MC Hammer

Group B decided to embrace the comedic potential of Axes and Anvils as a “beer and pretzels” game. They decided to infuse their clan and characters with pop culture references. 662 more words