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InSpectres Success

My home game group does not do story games. We play standard RPGs, even if they are almost always ones I made up. However, I wanted to give… 235 more words

. . . Tracking D&D Stats

So, the Manglers played the second session of theĀ Hoard of the Dragon Queen last night. Another solid session where we fought some kobolds and cultists, saw our bear get beaten by a half-dragon, and ended the session by splitting the party in the worst way imaginable: the ranger in deep cover with the cultists, my paladin captured by the cultists, the druid wandering around as a raccoon, and the sorcerer hiding in a cave with a handful of rescued prisoners. 440 more words


. . . Playing D&D 5th Edition

So, I’ve run a few sessions of D&D 5e using the Starter Set, and found it entertaining. But now, the youngest Mangler has stepped up to be the DM for a new campaign, running the Hoard of the Dragon Queen. 612 more words