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. . . Playing with the D&D Starter Set

So, the new, 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons is out, and the Manglers gave it a shot this past week. Back in June of 2012, we played the play test version of the rules, and in my review, I said that it felt like a greatest hits album–hitting all the highlights that could appeal to fans of past editions, but not really adding any new material. 892 more words


L5R 4E Topaz Championship session 2

For part one, see here.

We started the session a little late, owing to using the gang to move some boxes over to my new house before we began. 562 more words


Fictive Avengers Assemble!

So last night I got to play with a new group; we’ve been playing board games together for quite a while, but they wanted to try an RPG. 340 more words

The Moon and the Gray Maze

At the end of May I ran an adventure in a Fallen Moon setting using my Murderhobo Remix. You can see the prep for that… 645 more words