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. . . Creating ACKS characters for Dwimmermount

So, the Rotgut Manglers have recently started a new campaign set in Dwimmermount using Adventurer, Conqueror, King System. We’ve never played this rules set before, but we like the way it looks. 699 more words


Caskbound Adventure 3: The Master Forge

After the last adventure, both Castlebar and Sorel chanced upon a nest of feverworms; they got all bit up and incapacitated, shivering under piles of blankets. 707 more words

Caskbound for Hire Adventure 2: The Hunt

The Fellowship had traveled to Solemn Lake, a town on the edge of Stout Narrows in the southeast corner of the Caskbound Pocket. Across the Narrows lies territory of Clan Stonebridge, trading partners of Clan Caskbound. 1,072 more words

Play Report: Relic Hunters Guild Session 3

The Relic Hunters returned to Dyson’s Delve Sunday afternoon. As usual, they made a quick pass around the first level to ensure they wouldn’t have any nasty surprises running them. 478 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

Play Report: Temple of K'thu'uk

I don’t know why I keep forgetting how dangerous D&D Fifth Edition can be to level 1 characters. Last night I ran a small one-off adventure based on the… 1,334 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

MC Hammer Adventure 2: Journey to Kegapalooza

This is the first test of the “GM-less rules” for Axes and Anvils. The “Frame Master” sets the scene; they are headed to a music festival (now called Kegapalooza) and some other competitors do not want them to arrive. 662 more words

Caskbound for Hire Adventure 1: Stonesky Delve

I ran Stonesky Delve, adapted for Axes and Anvils.

  • Devron Leveler: berserker, chosen, mason.
  • Korvask Wryt: vanguard, enchanter, scholar.
  • Revelle Lateminder: mauler, delver, gemsmith.
  • 739 more words