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Nostalgia Madness #1: 8MEG

I just found my old Play Station memorycards and got a short flashback from when we got the bigger 3rd Party memory cards we thought was awesome and extremely big. 754 more words


Sony Japan to release Destiny and The Last of Us Remastered bundles

Sony has just announced the release of two new PlayStation 4 consoles featuring designs from soon-to-be-released games Destiny and The Last of Us Remastered. 185 more words


Gol Acheron - Revived

Gol Acheron is a villain from Jak and Daxter. When he dies another character says that he was ‘probably’ destroyed… I always wished that he would come back. 28 more words


A Lesson In Common Sense (Stating The Obvious).

I’m not the one to write really long posts/articles only because I feel I can get my point across without taking up a crapload of space with the possible risk of boring the hell out of the reader. 312 more words


PlayStation 4 looks to be scrapping pre-orders in favor of pre-loading

Pre-orders are a thing of the past. The new hotness is now pre-loading, buying the game digitally and downloading it before it even becomes available through more conventional markets. 31 more words



All I have to say is I might have accidentally played Fallout 3 for, like, 8 hours straight and I DON’T EVEN CARE.

I went to Walgreens at some point for toilet paper and Cheetos Hot Fries because I take responsibility in acquiring the necessities. 6 more words

Kingdom Hearts

So, for my birthday, Tim bought me Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix for the PS3 and Kingdom Hearts 2 for the PS2. I’m currently playing the first Kingdom Hearts game, and may I say that I absolutely love it. 121 more words