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Los 20 años de Play Station

Play Station cumplió 20 añazos y en este vídeo que nos dejaron recogen los juegazos que han estado lanzando desde hace dos décadas, que parece ayer. 47 more words


Xbox  Smells an Opportunity to Crush the Inferior PS4. 

With a smart $349 price, Xbox One became the best selling console of the holiday season.

With the console wars not just about selling games, but acting as a conduit to the higher margin steaming services, Xbox is employing the old razor and blade tactic. 18 more words


Media Molecule

Media Molecule are a video game development studio, who were founded in 2006 by a group of young adults named Mark Healey, Alex Evans, Kareem Ettouney and David Smith who met whilst working at Lionhead Studios, but the original business plan came from Chris Lee. 814 more words

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Call of Duty Ghost (end game review)

Welcome to my first post as The Couch Sniper where I will always have the latest in anything console game related in my scope. This review is over Infinite Wards new blockbuster, Call of Duty: Ghost. 300 more words


PlayStation Now turns into Netflix for games with all-you-can-play subscription

Sony has been making major inroads in the world of game streaming, but up until now, the PlayStation Now service was an incredibly poor value. After all, a couple of hours of access to a single game can’t compete with the likes of Steam sales and Humble Bundles. 91 more words

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Lizard Squad! FTW!

I was looking on the news this morning and I came across the unveiling of one of the faces behind the cyber hacking group called ‘Lizard Squad’. 234 more words

Sony anuncia nueva desarrollo de consola PlayStation 5

El vicepresidente ejecutivo de Sony, ha informado que pronto tendremos una nueva generación de play stations, llegando la versión 5 de esta afamada consola.

Por supuesto no hay fechas de nada, pero la noticia ha levantado algo de polvo, aunque se dice que los cambios en la misma no serán tan significativas y casi todo se mentendrá como lo conocemos hasta ahora, quizá los mas relevante sea el hecho, de que al menos están pensado, que esta nueva consola podría estar basada en la nube. 135 more words