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No Cook Homemade Playdough (Taste Safe)

Recommended for children 12 months and over with very close supervision

Playdough is a always good investment for a toy that your child would love. You can add a lot of different texture such as adding oat / sand / glitters, etc. 334 more words


Christmas Fun

Christmas Fun.

Christmas is just around the corner, today I visited the local mall in Austria and already they were placing Christmas decorations to create that atmosphere of joy and happiness (or for some stress and money spending)- It is only the end of October. 516 more words


Fall Fun

Fall Fun.

Fall is just before winter when all the leaves begin to fall and the cold starts to set in. So why not have some fun with your children during their holidays and create some magical fall crafts. 639 more words


Essential Oil Playdough

My seven-year-old niece was staying with us for the weekend, so I decided to do something special for her and my seven-year-old daughter.  Since they love playdough, I made them some with my favorite recipe.  245 more words

Essential Oils

Scrappy Not Crafty

Before I left for site, I was sitting in the Peace Corps office, sifting through the box that contained the discarded elastic pants and velvet tank tops of previous volunteers, attempting to locate suitable garments for slicing and dicing. 779 more words

Obligatory Peace Corps Blog

Idea of the day!

Encourage the children to make their own playdough and follow a recipe. Keep it simple and leave all the ingredients out for them to experiment. 18 more words

Malleable Play

Autumn malleable play

I added pumpkins to our play dough table today.

We tried making different shapes to form funny faces on the pumpkin.

This helped us to recognise and form shapes and exercise those fine motor fingers!!!

Malleable Play