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Re-Evaluating Player Value and Wins-Above-Replacement

Griffin Cohen


In recent years the baseball community has become increasingly fixated on Wins-Above-Replacement or WAR. This statistic can seemingly summarize and aggregate all the contribution a player makes for his team. 1,024 more words

Player Evaluation

Player Evaluation: Alex Gordon

(Sorry for the lack of blogs recently. Been extremely busy getting ready to go back to school next week)

At first glance, just by looking at a slash line of .280/.356/.436/.791, you would think very solid solid, slightly above average MLB player.   528 more words

Player Evaluation

Player Evaluation: Aroldis Chapman

(Check out the slider at the 0:30 mark – unreal)

Sorry I have been spotty with the blogs, been pretty busy and haven’t gotten a chance to write many blogs.   602 more words

Player Evaluation

Player Evaluation: Bryce Harper

When healthy and on his game, Bryce Harper is one of the most exciting players to watch in all of Major League Baseball.  The legend of Harper has been a remarkable one, first coming on the scene as a high schooler from Las Vegas, hitting mammoth homeruns (off the back wall at Tropicana Field), later being featured in SI and E60.   586 more words

Player Evaluation

Player Evaluation: Masahiro Tanaka Part II

Shortly after writing blogs about both the brilliance of Yankees’ rookie Masahiro Tanaka’s start to the 2014 season and the problem that Major League Baseball has with Tommy John Surgury, news came out that the Japanese star has a partially torn UCL, the ligament responsible for Tommy John Surgery.   564 more words

Player Evaluation

Player Evaluation: Carlos Santana

One of the more perplexing stories of the 2014 season has been that of Cleveland Indians first basemen/third basemen/DH/catcher (did I cover them all?) Carlos Santana.   521 more words

Player Evaluation