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Jon Flanagan, not the Scouse Cafu, but the next "Magic Dwarf"

Jon Flanagan, or Flanni Alves/ Scouse Cafu as he has most recently been dubbed. The local lad heralding from Liverpool, just keeps getting and better. Someone else who shares this believe is Cafu, one of the modern game’s greatest full-backs, is a firm member of the Flanagan fan club. 421 more words

Bayern Munich

Should the Wizards Tank for 7th?

Last week, I estimated the Wizards’ odds of winning a seven-game series against the teams most likely to make the Eastern Conference playoffs. It was a useful exercise in seeing how Washington stacks up against possible opponents, but it used numbers from the full season, which means my approach didn’t necessarily capture team form lately. 742 more words


Fun With Catcher WAR

Currently, FanGraphs’s version of catcher WAR uses a sum of RPP (runs saved or added by saving/allowing passed balls) and rSB (runs saved or added by catching/allowing basestealers) plus a positional adjustment to calculate the defensive part. 893 more words

Player Evaluation

Upon Further Review: Grunfeld Still Not Good At His Job

I’m willing to admit when I’m wrong. Especially when there’s evidence to offer correction. Last week, Mike Wise sought to convince readers not just that Washington Wizards president would receive a contract extension after the season, but that he  2,593 more words


Four Words You Thought I'd Never Write About Mike Wise

If the Washington Post’s Mike Wise is trolling Wizards fans with his latest epistle in praise of Ernie Grunfeld…kudos to him. If he really believes what he wrote…holy crap. 2,627 more words


2014 Tryouts and Evaluations

Attention Parents

Every year we have a few requests for players to move from the division they are of age for to “play up” with older players. 248 more words

Player Evaluation

Wizards Playing the Odds Without Nenê

The Wizards will miss the injured Nenê for the next six weeks, but it’s an open question how much. The on/off data would say “a lot.” The team has performed better when he’s been on the floor. 305 more words