Very cool playing cards...

Awesome gift idea for any designer. I especially like the uncut sheets as artwork.

Check out the article at Kill Screen.

Buy a deck at Art of Play.


weekend snaps

Couple from over the weekend.

1. Our traditional weekend morning biscuits.

2. Hike to find some water.

3. Playing cards and watching movies.


Family trip to Besancon to meet friends

The flood rain meant we had to stop and enjoy Ranchot for a few days, which wasn’t very tough. Dad particularly loved the little village, ‘it was very pretty.’ 183 more words


The Girl in the Flower Dress

This one took some time. I’ve been using the recent cinematic Marvel Universe for Shield and Hydra while using  the classic comics for the X-Men. It’s meant to be a contrast and it works on what I know (I collected X-Men, but never really paid attention to Shield). 74 more words

Doodlehoose One

Playing Cards

Play in style with this set of black-on-black printed cards from Alexander Wang.

Playing Cards, $55.00


Playing card detection using OpenCV (Mark IV)

Peters, my big-boned lodger, has used his superb poker skills to win a sizable amount of cash from my coffers. Damn him! But I have a plan. 639 more words


In The Cards: King of Clubs

I read the king of clubs much as I would the King of Wands in a Tarot reading, with two particular aspects to the clubs/wands/batons card. 117 more words