playing cards

laying out the hands and spreading legs
two at a time
i have an ace in mind and a quarter
of a deck in my pocket… 13 more words


"Playing" Cards

With your black feathers and stiletto grace

You place your foot on the table,

With serpent tongue and sunken face,

You shake your breasts like swollen rattles, 67 more words


The Dynamo Effect

The dynamo effect


My name ith thteven Frayne, but motht people, call me dynamo.

That’s nice.

Let me start this off by saying this isn’t an attack on Steven Frayne, I think what he does is highly entertaining, and makes for some nice television, and I’m sure it makes the channels a lot of money and gets them good ratings. 605 more words


The Classic Pass vs other controls

             Much has been written, published, re-written and re-published over the years about the classic pass, as well as being imitated and reproduced, in versions such as the Hermann pass, the Zingone perfect table pass, the flesh grip pass, the jog pass, the Charlier pass and the midnight shift. 510 more words


'Cold Case' playing cards given to prison inmates

ROCKY HILL, Conn. (WTNH) –  Inmates in Connecticut’s prisons have access to a brand new deck of playing cards tonight.  But they’re not cards that you or I can buy. 140 more words


Playing cards for survival

No, playing cards are not critical to your survival (at least not in the survival situations for which we are designing survival kits).  And they should never take space or funds from anything which can help you stay alive.  235 more words

Emergency Preparedness