Playing Cards

Play in style with this set of black-on-black printed cards from Alexander Wang.

Playing Cards, $55.00


Playing card detection using OpenCV (Mark IV)

Peters, my big-boned lodger, has used his superb poker skills to win a sizable amount of cash from my coffers. Damn him! But I have a plan. 639 more words


In The Cards: King of Clubs

I read the king of clubs much as I would the King of Wands in a Tarot reading, with two particular aspects to the clubs/wands/batons card. 117 more words


The Symbolism of Playing Cards

If you read our first post, you’ll know that my passion is magic, mostly with playing cards. Rather than writing about playing card magic itself, however, I thought I’d share some thoughts and speculations with you about the… 357 more words


Jack of Hearts (d1)

Theodore Robert Bundy is a striking contrast to the general image of a “homicidal maniac”: attractive, self-assured, politically ambitious, and successful with a wide variety of women. 4,416 more words

Canasta Decks

Used to be a Bad Girl

Okay so I was only able to get one of the dark queens this week and it’s Scarlet Witch. Did you know she was one of the original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants? 17 more words

Doodlehoose One

Playing card detection using OpenCV (Mark III)

I am building a poker bot using my Raspberry Pi computer, a webcam and some Python code. Once built, I will use it to win back all the cash from Peters, my obese Dutch lodger. 936 more words