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Blast off

Beyond Stella, Achilles launches himself off of the deck. When he lands he will charge around the yard before leaping back onto the deck to race past Stella, who awaits developments. 38 more words



While it may look pretty fierce and serious it’s all in play. Achilles and Stella have played like this for over eight years and they have always sorted everything out.


Dogs at play

Stella instigated a play session with Achilles this afternoon. Its been quite some time since they played so uninhibitedly, while I had the camera nearby. It was deeply satisfying and pleasurable to see them play like this. 22 more words


Big play

It is not to easy photographing dogs in a pack playing due to the fact they are mostly in a bundle obscuring their playful poses.  At times two or three will break away from the pack giving one, if noticed in time the opportunity to a shot or two in.

Have a super evening.

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