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Desperately Seeking Video Games

I’m lying there in my bed as the fog of sleep is about to clear in my head. My dream of playing video games on an idyllic Saturday afternoon has just ended. 789 more words

Video Games

Mom Versus Video Games....

How much is too much time playing video games? As the mom in our house this is one of the biggest battles I fight with on a weekly basis. 262 more words

Minding the Gap

The way I play video games has changed drastically over the past few years. As I’ve alluded to in the past, I only have time play games on the weekends; and some weekends I don’t have time to play at all. 957 more words

United We Game

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As we roll (ever so slowly it seems) in Spring, my gaming time is becoming more and more scarce. Before too long, I know that it may take me weeks to return to games that I've only just started. In this article I wrote for United We Game, I examined those gaps, those long droughts between gaming, and how they affect play. Some games are fine to let go of for awhile, while others demand immediate attention, and determining the right time to play the right game can be a challenge sometimes.