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Great Ideas To Boost Your Video Game Playing

TIP! Buy second-hand games. Video games are often very expensive.

There are video games out there for every interest and skill level is.Video gaming can be a great way to just unwind and escape. 917 more words

Standing at the Crossroads with JRPGs

The other day I did an incredibly rare thing – I purchased a video game on a whim, without any forethought or questioning, without any rhyme or reason. 1,322 more words


Simple Solutions To Understanding Video Game Cheat Codes

TIP! Know your game ratings. Not all video games are appropriate for all ages.

There is a wide range of video gaming options and platforms available today. 888 more words

Playing Video Games Using The Best Strategies

Video games is a hot commodity. Read this article to learn more about video game tips.

Video games are often times very expensive. You can save as much as 50% by purchasing used games at a 25 to 50 percent discount from the retail price. 823 more words

Video Games Teach Anything Is Possible

Difficult and challenging games are always fun for me. An easy game will put me to sleep, but a challenging one gets my undivided attention. 251 more words

Video Games

Want To Become A Video Game Pro? Read This

More people in today’s world have a memory of playing video games as kids. This doesn’t seem to stop, as they become more and more popular by the day. 720 more words

Taking a step back to look forward

As the summer gets rolling, my time with games grows thinner and thinner. Just this past weekend I turned on the ol’ 360 to play a little South Park: The Stick of Truth for the first time in nearly 3 weeks. 1,178 more words


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In case you hadn't noticed, I write about video games, a lot. Not a lot compared to some bloggers, but a lot for me. And because I'm the one to blame for starting this train, there are times when I feel that I have to keep it going no matter the cost. In the recent past, this has driven my gaming down a path strewn with debris from the outside. This approach doesn't quell my inner desire to play as much as it makes me feel like I MUST play only because...I MUST! I MUST CONTRIBUTE TO THE COMMUNITY! That's all well and good sometimes, but the feelings that comes with this self-fulfilling prophecy turn out to be hollow and meaningless. In this post I wrote for United We Game, I take a step back from my current reality to reflect on why I play games in the first place and to answer the question "what do I want from gaming?"