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   E-Sports – It’s in the Game

For non-gamers, news of Amazon’s purchase of the internet streaming website Twitch Interactive comes as a bit of a surprise.

But to those of you who are gamers – you might not be as amazed to learn that Amazon acquired Twitch Interactive for nearly a… 1,179 more words

Video Game: Jumpcat

This was an online video game called jump cat. It was really fun. The game play is extremely simple. You just run and jump before you get to these barriers. 11 more words

Video Games

Flow Theory

In class we discussed Flow Theory first proposed by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi a graduate from the University of Chicago. He describes Flow Theory as being adsorbed into an active where time fly, you are not distracted by anything outside of the activity and you get great satisfaction from the activity. 281 more words

Retro Bound?

As the beginning of 2014, you know how many games for which I was so incredibly excited I was counting down the minutes to the released dates? 646 more words

United We Game

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A few months ago, before Dragon Age: Inquisition came rambling along and Bayonetta hooked me with merely a glance, I considered a possible gaming future that was rooted in the past. I thought that in order for me to really stick with gaming as a perpetual hobby, I might have to focus less on the here-and-now in gaming and more on the overlooked gems of generations gone by. These inklings culminated in the post below that I wrote for United We Game. Despite the fact that I'm playing recent games now, I wouldn't call these thoughts quelled. If anything, my desire to head back before moving directly forward is stronger than ever. Though it is humming along quietly in the backseat while I take on dragons and witches. Because, priorities.

Ted Ed Learning

Why do we continue to ask everyone, every last human to conform and learn dammit, just as we say you should? Is the 21st century really going to be about the factory assembly line skills where what is needed is your compliance? 243 more words

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