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Happy Halloween!

Last night was pretty quiet. Aaron had bowling so it was just me and the furry, four legged creatures all evening. Sammie’s had quite a bit of excess energy lately, so I took her outside and let her sniff around a bit in the field, never letting her get too far away from me. 232 more words



wrestling clowns

mouth and wag with joy….

not to annoy

but to raise You up!

Have you forgot the joy of play?

Today, a recovering cat played with a ball… 16 more words


Sometimes my human lady just gets me

Everyone is ecstatic that I will chase tennis balls now. And it means I get chicken for bringing it back AND dropping the ball. Silly humans. 193 more words


What makes a good coach? Part 1

I could go on for hours on the topic of coaching, and over time I will. At the very least, I hope it will be interesting. 1,275 more words

All the leaves are brown...

And, yes, the sky is pretty grey. Dreaming more of sausages than California though!

Here I am doing my ‘good boy’ routine in the park. Pretty convincing isn’t it? 20 more words