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i'm not tripping off Adrian Peterson

to me  he ain’t done nothing wrong.

if you come from a  certain time period and era

then a whipping meant being tore up with a belt, switch… 245 more words


Ten Easy Stone Songs For Guitar Beginners

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When I started playing guitar, no one showed me the best ways to do it. It wasn

Ten Easy Stone Songs For Guitar Beginners

Celebrating in Sunshine & Rain

My hubby and I share the same birthday month – our birthdays are just five days apart. The best birthday present we can give each other is to get away and play. 555 more words


Trading Times in Archeage

Well, While waiting in the queue for the night I thought I’d share a few more tales from the nights past and just my progress in game so far. 1,229 more words


Of course my dog wants to participate in today's #TalkLikeAPirateDay #PirateDay

Also, looks like my dog is getting into today’s #TalkLikeAPirateDay #PirateDay

Ahhhh, I mean Aaaarrrrrggghhhhh Friday!


Boy friend

All my friends are dogs, with one exception. I find it hard to call a human a friend, because humans are a very different category. We don’t understand each other all the time and I believe friends should (okay, maybe I am a romantic kind of dog). 79 more words


Daily Audio Bit from Aaron

Daily Audio Bit – Link for audio clip

We are always loving you.
We are always playing.
We are always knowing where you are going, yes? 46 more words