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The Good and the Bad.

In most games you have good and evil and most of the time there is a clear line drawn down the middle.  With Galactic Nexus, those lines will be blurry.   203 more words


Old Prompt - Something All Kids Do

Reverse Shot:  What’s your earliest memory involving another person? Recreate the scene — from the other person’s perspective.

I cut a strip from the purple floral fabric in front of me.

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Erasing memories?

Ok I know that life gives you many awkward experiences, but this is just too much. Now I know that I was telling a story about the operating and blah blah blah…btw the operation is on November 13th. 958 more words


The Greene Family

The autumn here has been so beautiful lately, if not a bit rainy.    But the colors are so vivid and amazing right now, it seems to defy the cloudiness! 46 more words

Horsing around

It was so fun to bike, walk, and play hide and seek! Here are a couple of pictures of the horses when they were playing around:) I hope you have lots of fun at the farm today!

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