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8 Powerhouse Pop Pick-me-uppers

Sometimes we all need a little Alicia or Christina riffing away telling us that we can do this thing called life. I admit, I have on numerous occasions blasted Survivor in my car while half crying half smiling. 226 more words


African Rhythms, KFAI 07/24/14

New music from Ginger Baker plus fresh and vintage sounds from Guinea, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Haiti, Mali, Congo, Jamaica, Tanzania and beyond can be heard on today’s  237 more words


Today in rock/metal history...

Pantera released Cowboys From Hell, the album that changed everything for the band, including their sound. Their previous disc, Power Metal, showed that the band were heading in a heavier direction musically but it was on… 65 more words


Music of the 90's

I’ve been listening to music from the 90′s a lot lately, I have no idea why. Even though I was born in the mid-90′s and I was really little when it was popular, it’s the music I grew up with, so maybe it’s nostalgic.

Here are some favorites…


Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey

“Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey” by Paul McCartney off RAM (1971)


Can't fit exercise in...HIT Shuffle!

During my workouts, the majority of my motivation comes from the music I listen to on my iPhone. In the background, I will have some running app going to help me reach that half marathon status by next June. 601 more words

Losing Weight