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Game Review - Tony Hawk's Underground (2003)

Sports! Cool! Activities! Hip! Extreme! Rad! Cowabunga! Tubular! Boards with wheels on them!

In case you’re intimidated by my exclamations, these are all skateboarding-related things. Why? 1,154 more words

Game Review


In Armageddon I use to enjoy the specials such as you had to do a fifteen hit combo using all three off his fighting styles and until you do it you can go no further… 11 more words



Now we’re talking! Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening was released for the PS2 in 2005, and is a strong candidate for the best game on that console.  954 more words

Red Faction Preview

 Gamestyle Archive intro: here’s a blast from the past with a preview of the first Red Faction title a month before it was released in June 2001.

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Xbox One vs PS4 8 months later

After almost a year, Sony is still ahead of Microsoft in sales for their respective consoles. While sales are a large factor in a consoles success, sales alone do not determine whether a console is successful in entertaining fans. 548 more words

Why I love modern Sonic games

More recently Sonic games have been getting a bad reputation, this has been ever since Sonic sped out from his 2D adventures and into a proper third dimension. 401 more words


Silpheed: The Lost Planet

Gamestyle Archive intro: the popularity of shooters continued in Japan long after key formats like the Sega Saturn and Dreamcast had ended their lifespans. In fact the DC continued to play host to such titles for many years to come.

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