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This Week's Gaming Releases - 29 July 14

Are you looking for a new game to purchase, but are unsure on what game(s) to buy? Well, here are some games that caught my eye and will be releasing this week.


WDL Thundertanks

Gamestyle Archive intro: one of the better 3do titles receiving 4/10. The publisher was all over the PS2 launch. Writer JJ, published March 2001.


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Espgaluda (エスプガルーダ) released in 2003 by CAVE. It is the spiritual prequel to CAVE’s renowned ESP Ra.De. and was followed by Espgaluda II.

Espgaluda is widely considered to be the most accessible of CAVE’s shoot ‘em up titles. 152 more words

Arcade Games

Destiny Beta Flash Mob 2 Hour Event!

Just a few minutes away from the flash mob event in Destiny's beta build, which is now open to all players on all console platforms. In this event you have 2 hours to explore and conquer the moon, in a new story mission added to the beta. 100 more words


BUNGiE Rewards All Guardians In Destiny's Beta

Don't forget Guardians, today you get a reward from BUNGiE in the Destiny beta build. Login to your guardian and go to Old Russia, the Tower, or the Crucible at 5PM EST. 32 more words


NIS Fest: Ar Tonelico Meledy of Elemia Part 3 - Grathmeld it So!!

(I want to apologize in advance. The pixel and picture format got warped and some of the smaller images may be too indistinguishable and squished to make out the dialogue. 1,463 more words

Video Games

Champions Of Norrath - Classic Review

Champions of Norrath was probably my favorite game of 2004. It’s definitely in the top 3 and it is one of my all time favorite PS2 games.