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(Sort of) Retro Review: Lone Survivor

Okay, so this review will be a retro review in the same vein that a review for Megaman 10 would have been a retro review a few years back; new game made in old format. 1,135 more words

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The Playstation Vita is ALMOST perfect now.

Yeah, that’s right. I said it. The console that is ripped on most consistently (second only to the Wii U and that’s only because people have heard of the Wii U) has recently been updated and it’s glorious. 772 more words


First Two Episodes of Walking Dead: Season 2 Now Out On PS Vita

You can now buy each of the first two episodes of The Walking Dead: Season 2, “All That Remains” and “A House Divided” on the PS Vita. 155 more words

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Is the Future of Sony's PS Vita a Little Less Brighter?

Early next month Sony will launch the new Playstation Vita Slim in the US. The new model   will have a slimmer design, longer battery life, 1GB of internal memory, an LCD screen to replace the OLED screen and a micro USB port to replace the previous proprietary charging cable. 185 more words

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J-Stars Victory Vs. Review

All your favorite Shonen Jump characters are invited.  Kind of.

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'Princess Revolution' Review: More Girls' Night Out Than Revolution

As it relates to gaming and unique experiences, one of the more novel (and fun) aspects of the handheld consoles has always been its hardware extras; the touch screen and / or its tilt functionality as a secondary, or, in the case of… 463 more words


Two thumbs up to Sony for shrinking Sly Cooper

The Sly Trilogy

From: Sanzaru Games

For: PlayStation Vita

RRP: $55 (physical copy after a search of online retailers)

Before Cole McGrath, Delsin Rowe and the inFamous series came along and swept the PlayStation world by storm, developer Sucker Punch was more well-known for its game series featuring master thief Sly Cooper – a trio of games that appeared on Sony’s PlayStation 2 console. 444 more words