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|Fan-Made Trailer| Shadow of Mordor - Live Action.

So some fans joined and decided to make a trailer for the upcoming game: Shadow of Mordor. Now, this doesn’t have the quality of a Lord of the Rings movie, but for a fan-made video, it looks simply incredible. 16 more words


The Last of Us: The Movie

Developer: Naughty Dog

Genres: Action, Adventure, Horror, Survival

Released: 14th June 2013

I think I need to make it clear straight away that horror is a genre I’ve always disliked. 465 more words


"Wait til next year" they say!

Little by little more and more people are finally starting to see how dominate the games and options have been for the xbox one over the ps4. 255 more words

Ouch... Sony Ups Prediction of Financial Losses

Despite its best efforts, Sony is raising the amount it is predicting to lose this financial year. The loss is now expected to be $2.2 billion rather than $1.7 billion. 220 more words

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Playing Destiny.

So, here we are! After all the waiting, Destiny is here!

Yes, this is that game which gathered so much attention and importance in the gaming world, and guess what? 379 more words


Can Sony Replace Your Cable With A PlayStation?

If there’s been any place that Sony has been an odd success, it’s been with streaming video. The PS3 became the most commonly used streaming platform for Netflix, and it appears the PS4 is selling to people who don’t bother with video games. 276 more words


Algumas novidades da TGS 2014

A edição desse ano da Tokyo Game Show, principal evento da indústria japonesa de videogames, está a todo vapor na cidade de Chiba. Embora de uns anos para cá a TGS tenha perdido parte do seu brilho, antigamente comparável ao da E3 e da Gamescom, ainda é um evento muito importante, e uma grande fonte de informações sobre jogos desenvolvidos naquele canto do mundo. 559 more words