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Dead or Alive 5: Last Round – Trailer & Release Details

Koei Tecmo has given us a release time frame, new trailer and some details about the upcoming release of Dead or Alive: Last Round.

Whilst a solid release date is still pending we have been advised that the game will release in the Spring of 2015 on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. 39 more words


Titanfall Update #6 is about to roll out across servers

Sooner than we expected, the newest update for Titanfall on Xbox One and PC is queuing up to hit your server. 27 more words


Sony's Project Morpheus - Summer Lesson

It was announced in SCEJA Press Conference 2014, a virtual girlfriend(maybe?) project  named Summer Lesson.

Summer Lesson is being built for Sony’s Project Morpheus virtual reality platform and — instead of a fighting game, per the team’s pedigree — it’s focused on “communication.” You’ll be communicating with a young Japanese schoolgirl in her room, using the VR headset to look around.

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FIFA Soccer 2006 - PlayStation 2

PS2 Sports Games | FIFA Soccer 2006 – PlayStation 2

FIFA 2006 brings you intense and realistic soccer action — the world-class soccer action that true fans crave! 30 more words

Gaming culture takes a hit as Sony demos its virtual reality headset with schoolgirl leering sim

If, like me, you’ve dreamed of the day when the world comes to realise that video games are so much more than the pastime of  652 more words


Favorite RPG Games

As I continue to work on my project, and running into trouble here and there. I thought it would be nice to share my view on more games. 966 more words

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PlayStation 4 Receiving Theme Support

Following the announcement that the PS Vita will integrate custom themes in the next firmware update, it has been revealed the PlayStation 4 will finally allow owners to utilise custom themes as well, when firmware 2.0 launches. 135 more words