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Letter to Dad: about my work

This weekend marks a year to the day since my father’s passing. I wanted to write to mark this very newest of first anniversaries and I’ve realised I’ve been writing to Dad in my head, as I’ve been working, all week. 1,656 more words


Trust in play

I was recently put in prison, again, by a couple of nine- and ten-year-olds who, in the play, described themselves as the amalgam that was ‘The Child Terror’. 1,120 more words


On the road and in the air

The little red suitcase is getting another airing.  I’ve stuffed it with my usual collection of jumpers, notebooks and scraps of paper.  Trashy novels and snacks.  268 more words

Interactions and involvements within and around war play

Late one after-school session last week, in the post-‘clocks-go-back’ dark, I found myself stood on top of the six foot high or so box structure/recent addition to the playground, having been ordered to walk the plank by a boy with a cardboard sword, and up there with me I was sure I heard a younger girl tell me: ‘OK, you be the Buddhist.’ I laughed. 1,151 more words


Waving to each other

Oh, PhD!  So many things to read and think about.  It’s like a high-stakes book club of two.  It feels good to have my brain going again, chewing over the dense gristle of theory. 268 more words

Celebrating White City APG as London Play’s ‘Adventure Playground of the Year’

There’s only one place to start writing this week: that is that our place, White City Adventure Playground, has been officially chosen as London Play’s Adventure Playground of the Year for 2014… 1,308 more words


What’s on? Find out which events the SkillsActive Professional Development team will be attending

SkillsActive’s Professional Development team attends many events around the UK and Europe in order to speak to training providers old and new. Here’s a quick update on where we will be over the coming months… 170 more words