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The potential magnitude of moments

Something I’ve long been very aware of is the potential magnitude of moments: the things that pass us by because we’re not wise enough to ‘read’ them correctly. 1,078 more words


In the spirit of provocation: playwork as a mindedness

‘Playwork’, I think (this week, at least, and returning in part to previous writings) is not a job, as such: it’s a way of thinking, a way of being. 1,156 more words


Playwork is like...

Playwork is like yoga, because it can put us in strange positions and then ask us to relax.

(In honor of being in the Bay Area)

Are you in the Bay Area?

Because I am!  For a little while at least, and while I’m here I’d love to connect with play-enthusiasts, children’s advocates, adventurous explorers and other such fabulous people. 177 more words

Imagining empathy

I’ve noticed that many people at the start of their playwork training get mixed up between the words “reflective” and “reflexive” practice.  Interesting, because their meanings are complete opposites.  348 more words

Working with children and emotions in the human environment

Two children are having an argument over something and they just can’t let it go or get over it: what do you do? That is, you’re an adult watching on, a playworker perhaps, or you’re of a playwork-minded persuasion — even if you don’t know it — and you see all this bottled-up aggression unfold in front of you: When do you step in? 1,660 more words


Letter to Dad: about my work

This weekend marks a year to the day since my father’s passing. I wanted to write to mark this very newest of first anniversaries and I’ve realised I’ve been writing to Dad in my head, as I’ve been working, all week. 1,662 more words