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Happy endings? The difference between American and English writers.

Always being a little bit unsatisfied. That’s very British.

Perhaps a little over emotional. It’s so American.

Are the stereotypical domineers of their people manifested in difference between the work produce either side of the pond? 354 more words

The writing process. Does it take a lifetime?

It took me five years to write my first play, and three weeks to write my second.

Sometimes a piece requires such careful consideration on how best to express itself. 313 more words

Writing something new. Should we embrace influence or fear it?

David Hare has despaired over modern plays with short rhythmic dialogue all being done of the name Harold Pinter. He warns off why anyone would try and write like Brecht or Beckett because they had perfected their style. 342 more words

Where to begin? Inspiration.

Writer’s block. Our worst fear. Whether you have a deadline or not feeling unable to write is stifling. Unfortunately, it is something we will all face at some point. 338 more words

It all starts somewhere. Chichester.

I have just finished my time as a Chichester Festival Theatre (CFT) young playwright. A year ago I didn’t know how to write. Well not how to write a play. 290 more words

Me, Myself and I Don’t Know

In my last post, I was talking about writing my first play. So this post is still all about me (sorry; I’m almost done).

I continued writing plays, short plays befitting my height and attention span. 353 more words


Saying it better. Which generation writes best?

A few years ago new writing was very zeitgeist. Everyone was doing it. Now, however, faith is being put back into the canonical writers of the 20th century. 366 more words