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38: Passion Project- Alice in Wonderland

I am very VERY passionate about Alice in Wonderland. Most people don’t know this, but Lewis Carroll is actually the nom de plume of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson who was a mathematician and logician. 662 more words

Need An Idea? Eavesdrop.

Behold the inspiring power of the cell phone! If you’ve stood in a line of people anytime between, say, 1990 and now, you’ve had the chance to bask in a veritable pool of ideas. 330 more words


The Truck as an 'Offstage Character'

Excerpted from Toni Morrison’s introduction to The Piano Lesson

“This truck full of watermelons is not just the play’s mobility–it is also a kind of offstage character with its own colorful personality and multiple roles. 238 more words

August Wilson

Half Way There

Blog every day in April? Who’s clever idea was that? I missed one day; Thursday 10th. Time had run away from me, before I knew it, it was time to pick up The Boy and drive to Ipswich. 320 more words

the lovely corkboard

Today! Apart from it being my birthday (in Japan at least) and having some marvelous cake and company, I finally sat down and made a writing plan. 575 more words

The value of staged readings vs static readings

Last night we opened the Left Out Festival with a staged reading of Michelle Ramoni’s play “No River Between Us”. The play was beautifully written, directed and cast (I get to play the plum role of Bonnie, too. 284 more words

Me? A Playwright?

If you’d asked me in college if I thought I would one day be a playwright I would have said No (possibly “Hell no”).  I wrote a lot when I was young, but I had trouble writing plays. 243 more words