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Extreme Deadline: Halloween Edition

Call me crazy, but I kind of like deadlines. They keep me focused and make sure that I get the work done. I’ve written some of my absolute best work when I’ve had an approaching deadline. 385 more words


New Deadline for Young Playwrights for Change Regional Hosts

Still thinking about hosting a regional Young Playwrights for Change competition (the new deadline to sign-up is October 8th)?

Or are you already planning your regional Young Playwrights for Change competition? 746 more words


Come Play Nerd with me!

Realising I should really get better at letting people know what I’m up to here is an invitation to all of you lovely people to come join me in conversation about plays, how we make them, with whom and for whom. 287 more words


on angry sexx, tripped, racism, feminism and urgency

It is that time of the year when I miss more theatre than I could ever possibly see. To make up for my absence, I asked two young theatre makers about their new work, why it is urgent and what Australian theatre needs more of. 1,058 more words


How to Surivive a Playwriting Workshop

I’m back, folks, and maybe this time I’ll keep being back.

During college, I took three playwriting workshop classes and was the teaching assistant for a forth. 1,432 more words


Jeffery's Monologue

This is something I put together for a Playwriting class I’m taking. It’s a short monologue from an old man, Jeffery, about the accursed Post Office man, Nobles. Please enjoy!

Jeffery’s Monologue


Writing a script for a play - Any Existentialists fancy discussing some ideas with me?

Hi. I am writing a play and it is going to have a heavy existentialist flavour to it. Does anyone fancy discussing some ideas with me? 21 more words