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¡No pasa nada!

I left for Madrid from Barcelona around 6pm using BlaBlaCar, a carpooling service. I was really nervous, but everything turned out perfectly fine. When traveling by yourself, you really learn that not everyone in the world is out to get you (haha). 531 more words


Sevilla: The Soul of Spain

     The air smelled of oranges, the heat radiated spices and the very ground seemed to vibrate with the music and rhythmic stomps of a 500 year old Flamenco tradition.  603 more words



Lost in an empty bus station in Spain, wandering around in the dark. I repeated the security guard’s instructions– but did izquierda mean left or right? 486 more words

Seville... And I'll Never Find it Again...

The saddest thing, I think, to ever happen in my travels. I ate at the best restaurant imaginable, and I never wrote down what it was called. 720 more words


This Weekend

Halloween in Madrid

Welp, Halloween here was a total bust. First off, I’m getting over a cold so while I wanted to go out, coughing up phlegm is not sexy. 301 more words



Plaza de España:
Rainbows in the fountain, beauty in the buildings

A walk along the river and some gnarly sculpture

Happy holiday, sad goodbyes