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This is a short piece of channelled communication on the soul quality of Joy – sometimes I ask for a piece upon a subject of my choice, but often I leave it up to Spirit to share something they wish to bring forward for the benefit of those who will read it here. 461 more words

Daily Thought....

The storm is raging…..
full of fire and electrifying energy….
feelings beyond my grasp…
as we plan for the next move…..
as the storm rages out of control…. 105 more words


From My Poem-a-Day Journal

Recently I told you that I was inspired to write daily poems. As I’ve been doing it, a lot of clarity has found it’s way to me, and I’ve become even more grateful that Jesus would give me something like this; that He would give me a pencil and journal and words to see what He sees. 257 more words


Remember my boys, that you are the delight of the Lord. Blessed is the lad who begins to observe God’s laws in his youth


Journey Through Pain

This is a follow on to The Beginning Of Pleasure and will be followed by another poem (Love Is Always The Destination). If you haven’t read part one then just click on the above link. 220 more words


one word photo challenge: aqua

Aqua???!!!! Is it blue or is it green???!!!!

Not even the ocean is aqua anymore …  maybe in the Pacific.

For this gallery have I used images that I have stored on my fantastic Dell PC, now 6 years old and … with XP, the best system program ever. 150 more words

Un/useful Information