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The Problem Of Pleasure

Why do we experience pleasure? Many people have been driven mad by the problem of pain, but what about the problem of pleasure? What is it about men and women that allows us to experience bliss? 1,535 more words


Nonpareils, My Grandmother & The Black Eyed Peas

I just had a spiritual experience while spring cleaning to the Black Eyed Peas.

I should emphasize that I don’t celebrate Easter. But yesterday on a whim I bought chocolate nonpareils, a candy that my grandmother favored, and put some on my house altar to honor her and a holiday that my ancestors observed. 80 more words


Dear Mom

Mother’s Day will not be until May 11th which is three weeks away but I don’t have to wait until then to celebrate mothers in general.  812 more words

Daily Thought...

My love is deeper than deep rivers…filled with passion….committed…and walks the tightrope of desire….and then reality hit….am I to share this all alone ?….the words that slip from my lips….and fall in the atmosphere….as I wait…..deep rivers


Betrothed to Silk

I have an intemperance; for wrinkled
silk, gliding past my skin. Caressing
every nerve, firing sapid
pleasures, wired in high speed
yet again. Bring sage silk, 18 more words


And we begin: The State of Nature

The state of nature is true anarchy, dangerous and complete freedom. In this state of existence, anyone can be killed for any reason whatsoever. The main reasons are probably base instincts such as pleasure. 189 more words

State Of Nature

A Quiet Day - Part 3

The beginning, Part 1

“Yeah.” Her reply was shaky, if not weak, like her legs were becoming. She suddenly found herself being propelled through the door and directed to sit on the edge of the bed. 1,582 more words

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