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Good Life: The Checklist

 There’s no such thing as a perfect life but there is a good and balanced life. Have you ever irked to assess yourself if you are going on the right direction and if you are taking the truthful path? 1,564 more words


Three of Cups

My thoughts-  There are three people holding up three cups. They seem to be toasting something. I have always found it slightly unsettling that I cant really see the third persons face. 128 more words



Incentive: n. creating a motivating subset(s)

Pleasure, fear, pride, role models, money, status, and helping others are the primary incentives or motivating factors in human behavior(s). 368 more words

Common Sense


and doesn’t it just make sense
that I should leave you to your
carnival and return home to my
swollen belly and blistered feet

once, we were better than this… 46 more words

Poem A Day

August 30, 2014 – Pleasure

What’s your simplest pleasure?
Sleeping in on a rainy day and hearing the right song at the right moment.

I cannot choose between these two pleasures, because I love sleeping just as much as I love music. 124 more words

Year 1

the Alabai

…I am keeping this old dog collar still. Why not? I always was a sentimental person. It is not just an old threadbare piece of a leather. 271 more words


Game of Life Part I

The game of life Part I

I decided to try most things life offered. Not all things but most. And I’ve tried some things, like rolling my car, that I didn’t really want to do at all. 910 more words