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Step 10: Purposeful relaxation

Purposeful relaxation. I think that relaxing is incredibly difficult, especially when we think of the rare long-lost art of relaxing without your phone next to you. 668 more words

How Do I Get Better at (Blank) Anyway?

I was going to write this blog about wing chun specifically. but then I realized it could be applied to anything. However, I will still use wing chun as an example. 324 more words

2015 #10 - ET Run Home

After a wobbly week training wise with lots of self-doubt, I needed to just go out for a run: with no targets; with no plan –  with no aim. 96 more words

Brighton Half

Gratitude, anticipation, memories, attitude



I greet each day with gratitude and anticipation of its beauty and joy.

There are many tracks of up and downs of life in my memory.

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The pleasure of pleasure. And yoga.

I totally get it. You have this idea that fun should be limited. That you should work yourself hard to prove your worth. You should be hard, a toughie, a person who can handle it all. 808 more words

Yoga Philosophy