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~Amygdala - Fertility- Abundance Portal Sept 3 - 9 - Pleiades High Council~

The portal that opens her gates to all of you on September 3rd of your earthly reality brings not only purification, but also fertility, and abundance on all. 1,605 more words


Astronomy: Radio telescopes settle controversy over distance to Pleiades

A worldwide network of radio telescopes measured the distance to the famous star cluster the Pleiades to an accuracy within 1 percent. The result resolved a controversy raised by a satellite’s measurement that now is shown to be wrong. 675 more words


USPS Star Calendar for 7-13 September

8 Sep     The moon is at perigee, 56.19 Earth-radii (358,000 kilometers) away. Perigee occurs 22 hours before the full moon, so we can expect extreme tides. 64 more words


Early Morning Conjunction

On August 18, 2014, I learned that there would a conjunction of two very bright planets, Venus, and Jupiter. Luckily, it was a clear night, and I decided to stay awake until morning to observe that event. 726 more words


Meetup #22: PLEIADES

For our 22nd Meetup, our group convened at Phoenix Theatre for No Nude Men Productions’ world premiere of Marissa Skudlarek’s PLEIADES, a modern retelling of the Greek myth of the seven Pleiades sisters. 351 more words


"The Ballad of a Small Player"

“Lawrence Osborne—author of two previous novels and several works of non-fiction—has just played a “natural,” the winning hand in Baccarat, the game of instant death, and his narrator’s favorite. 136 more words