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Pre #BIT14 Interview with David Hann and Heather Durnin

Michelle Cordy (@cordym) continues her series of interviews of notables presenting at the Bring IT, Together Conference next week, November 5-7, 2014 at the Scotiabank Convention Centre in Niagara Falls.   397 more words


My Personal Learning Network (PLN)

Social media has grown exponentially in popularity over the years. From the development of MSN to Facebook to Twitter, today’s generation have grown up with their hands on keyboards and eyes on computer screens. 886 more words

ECS 210

Never Having to Say "I can't."

As Connected Educator month wraps up, I’ve been reflecting on what that particular word actually means to me. Often we talk about it in regard to our students and whether or not they are making the essential links between what they have been taught and what they are currently learning. 714 more words

Educational Leadership

My journey thus far..

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So what a journey it has been so far.. I have moved from being a ‘rookie’ in regards to blogging to someone who is creating, editing & changing my posts to be insightful and aesthetically pleasing. 101 more words


What is a blog?

This is a blog. Not the best blog but it is one all the same.

A blog is short for  weblog and is ideally a frequently updated online place where persons can share their thoughts. 154 more words

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Web 2.0 - the second coming?

Web 2.0 is the space (web pages and apps) that allows for anyone (including myself) to create and share information or material online.

It provides people with the opportunity to easily publish their thoughts and communicate their ideas in the hope that web-based communities are created. 69 more words

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What is a PLN?

PLN or Personal Learning Network

What does that mean? To put it simply it is a network of people with the same or similar interests that share information, strategies and resources with one another. 136 more words

Things To Know