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Post-medieval Polish buried as potential 'vampires' were likely local



Potential vampires in the 17th-18th century buried with rocks, sickles to ward off evil

Caption: Individual 49/2012 (30-39 year old female) is shown with a sickle placed across the neck. 483 more words


From mothers to eggs – maternal anti-influenza antibody transfer in Mallards

By Jonas Waldenström

I have spent the last two days at home nursing one of my offspring that has been down with a cold. Actually, since this is the oldest daughter, nursing generally involves providing her with unlimited access to her mother’s iPad and all the sandwiches she cares to eat. 705 more words

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The Rights Stuff: Copyright, Scientific Debate, and Reuse; By Damian Pattinson and Cameron Neylon

Damian Pattinson, Editorial Director of Plos One, and Cameron Neylon, Advocacy Director for PloS

We’ve all monkeyed around trying to sort out the ownership of published content.

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Stripy Revisited

new science on depression

It’s not a secret (finally, thankfully) that America has a depression problem. About 1 in 10 Americans suffer from depression at some point in their lives, while the number is about  390 more words


Looking at Nothing, Seeing a Lot. [Brian Pauw]

Brian Pauw

Today is a day of relief for Dr. Julian Stirling and his eight co-authors (with many looking forward to the response, including Raphaël Lévy).

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Stripy Revisited