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The Rights Stuff: Copyright, Scientific Debate, and Reuse; By Damian Pattinson and Cameron Neylon

Damian Pattinson, Editorial Director of Plos One, and Cameron Neylon, Advocacy Director for PloS

We’ve all monkeyed around trying to sort out the ownership of published content.

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Stripy Revisited

new science on depression

It’s not a secret (finally, thankfully) that America has a depression problem. About 1 in 10 Americans suffer from depression at some point in their lives, while the number is about  390 more words


Looking at Nothing, Seeing a Lot. [Brian Pauw]

Brian Pauw

Today is a day of relief for Dr. Julian Stirling and his eight co-authors (with many looking forward to the response, including Raphaël Lévy).

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Stripy Revisited

The Use of Google Trends in Health Care Research: A Systematic Review

The Use of Google Trends in Health Care Research: A Systematic Review
Source: PLoS ONE

Google Trends is a novel, freely accessible tool that allows users to interact with Internet search data, which may provide deep insights into population behavior and health-related phenomena.

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Technology And Internet

New paper published today: a major turn in the stripy controversy... or a non-event?

The article by Stirling et al is published today in PloS One . The publication occurs after several months of delay due to copyright issues (see… 650 more words

Stripy Revisited

Neat Science Thursday - Videogames and violence

News flash, a new study was just released on PLOS ONE examining the effects of violent video games on levels of aggression. Now before you freak out about whether or not more arbitrary ratings should be used to label video games, you should actually read the… 556 more words

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