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Just Like Humans, Some Dogs May Be Innately Pessimistic

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The idea that dogs are easy-going, laidback and optimistic might be true, but only for some pups.

According to new research out of Australia’s University of Sydney… 298 more words


Reading an Academic Paper

Where and how did find this paper?

I found this paper on PLOS ONE website, open the plos one website and the looking for some articles related to information technology, i go through from many articles anf finally get this under the security(subcategory). 324 more words

Inside the PLOS ONE Academic Editor studio, part 1.

How did you end up being an Academic Editor at PLOS ONE?

Well, I was asked, then pondered on it for a day, and said yes. 612 more words

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Stripes, open peer review and 'copyright as a form of censorship'

This post is reproduced from a comment originally posted at PubPeer by Philip Moriarty. The title is inspired by a follow up comment by Nanonymous. 3,488 more words

Stripy Revisited

Can you smell fear?

Broadcaster: Challenge

Year: 2014

Genre: Popular Science, Edutainment


The maverick series Brainiac: Science abuse originally ran on Sky One between 2003 and 2008. 315 more words

Alexander Prehn-Kristensen


Kind of. Sort of. Ok not reaaaally, but we’re at least one step closer. In an experiment recently published in the journal PLOS ONE, researchers were reportedly able to make brain recordings of someone in India thinking of the words “hola” and “ciao” and then email the decoded message to France, where a machine converted the message into brain stimulation in another person. 79 more words