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10 things I learned from reading detective novels and one caveat

1.Start mid-scene and keep the story moving!
2.Sketch characters quickly and concisely and unpack their motives and complexities by action throughout the story.
3.Maintain suspense, do not reveal early. 288 more words


poem- canine scheming

In the hallway

between kitchen and bedrooms

the chef knife catches the light.

Which poodle is plotting

nefarious exploits?

Should we be locking

bedroom doors at night?


Neill Blomkamp and District 9

Now that I’m (kinda) done with Sid’s Wad, it’s time to (re)turn to a topic that’s obsessed me for a while.

The second District 9 movie. 128 more words


I Spy With My Little Eye...

Dear Human,

As I’m sure you’ve heard, blizzard-like conditions obscured parts of New England yesterday.

This cryptic warning…


Led to this result… 239 more words


Characters doing stuff that doesn’t make sense. (Sid's Wad ctd.)

I’m going to wrap up this mini case study of Sid’s Wad with a quick look at yet another marker for narrative excavation opportunities: Characters acting, well, out of character. 316 more words


January 2015 in Review

I’m starting to think it may be a good idea to look back at each month and see what I have accomplished in my writing and marketing as well as reflect upon what needs to be improved in the future. 590 more words


Beautiful People -- Author Edition

Obviously I need to start reading more than maybe two blogs, since other blogs apparently have fantastic post starters left, right, and centre without me having any idea about them. 984 more words