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Writer's Block: Name it to Tame it.

Something that has always annoyed and baffled me is being told that writers block doesn’t exist; that it’s an excuse, a myth.
I think that that attitude is unhelpful, especially to someone sitting in front of their computer for the nth day in a row, howling in frustration that the words aren’t coming. 1,542 more words

Writing Process Blog Tour – My Part!

Many thanks to my friend and fellow fictioneer, Jerilyn Dufresne, author of the charming and funny Sam Darling mystery series. She tagged me in her recent blog post (Read it… 841 more words


How Do You Write Your First Draft?

I recently switched writing projects, which means I went from being 30,000 words into one project to being in the world building stage of the other without a clue of how I want to approach the first draft. 198 more words


Developing Ideas: Defining and Refining

In the last post in this series about developing ideas, I talked about getting the vague shape of the story in mind. It’s like a blurry picture of a story that you have to squint to see clearly. 1,538 more words



The past week or so has been an exhausting emotional rollercoaster for me. As I hope you know by now, Reflection Pond released April 1st. Be sure to… 1,227 more words

On Writing

Diamonds and baking soda volcanoes

I was listening to an old-time radio show today featuring Richard Diamond, Private Detective, and was struck with a whimsical idea: what if he was the grandfather of my character, … 221 more words

Fiction Update

Distracted and Perplexed

Once again, not so much progress made in my attempts of leaving the  Land of Exposition and moving forward with the writing process, with the weather turning milder and the allure of the many plausible paths to explore – perspective and pacing are paramount in the shaping of the series, saga and novel. 293 more words

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