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CADAVER DOG: Project Note 8.21.14

Structuring Act 1
If you read my last post, you know that I’m structuring the plot points for my upcoming novel. Today was my first sit down with the Act 1 and it was a lunch hour of grueling mind-bending torture, but oh so fun! 19 more words

Project Journals

Adding Twists

When everything is going right, stories can get boring. That’s why we have troubles along the way to spice things up. But adding plot twists isn’t quite that simple. 202 more words

Creative Writing

Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

I have next to nothing to report.  Hubby and I have taken on a puppy to foster, so most of my spare time has been spent dealing with her and our dogs, making sure everybody has had enough attention and play.   250 more words

Kait Nolan

Write Wednesday: One Week

One more week until school starts here. Yes, I’m counting down. It’s felt like a very long summer. My every day = fight, whining, fits. I’m ready to get a break, especially since the boy’s naps have been unpredictable with his sister home. 743 more words


Alan Warner on writing

I love it when famous authors agree with me about things ;) For example, what Mr Warner says about similes in this excellent interview is exactly what I’ve been saying for years: you just have to be… 28 more words

Planning the Next Book

I had it all figured out.  I was just putting the finishing touches on Book 3 of a middle-grade fantasy that I write under a pen name and after that I was going to write the sequel to Fate’s Dark Glass, followed by Death Grip, the sequel to Death Knell, and then Book 3 of Lost Love. 282 more words


Sesarma - Spartina - Callinectes: the crab game

A coastal trophic cascade

I’ve adapted rock-paper-scissors into an R-based game for coastal ecologists. It should really be called Sesarma-Spartina-Callinectes, but “the crab game” seems like a reasonable shorthand. 744 more words