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NaNoWritMo (2014) Update #4

November is winding down, and most writers are in the home stretch of reaching the 50,000 word count for their respective novel. Per usual (at least for me), I’m just about reached my stride in the actual!writing portion of the NaNoWritMo experience . 459 more words


How does he do it???

Hey guys,

I’ve been getting this question a lot, so I figured I should take the time to spell it out for you.  Get a pen and paper ready, because I’m about to drop some ridiculous wisdom on you.  606 more words


Plotting "Pokemon Red and Blue"

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives. What comes now will not be like what came before. I’m talking of course about the release of… 1,484 more words


NaNoWriMo 2014, Week 3

Week 3 already, and getting on much better than expected.

Last night I hit 46000 words, which is well ahead of the writing target, and had hoped to finish off by this weekend. 649 more words

Creative Writing

The problem with McGuffins

Editing is a bugger. Over the whole life of a manuscript – from inception to release – the actual writing will take only a fraction of your time. 554 more words

Is there such a thing as too much back story?

I’m not really talking so much about the synopsis of a character you might do to place them in the events of story, give them at least the thinnest thumbnail of personality and motivation. 385 more words

Character Development

Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere 20/11/2014

I took the long route tonight but it was worth it.

I kind of pushed it, mainly wrote it as dialogue so I can go back and unpack it later. 229 more words