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Radar Class this week

Back at “skool” this week for Radar

Observer Unlimited. Having used radar quite a bit over the years, I was pretty confident however plotting on paper has me spinning. 22 more words

Maritime Related

Writing The Emotionally Complex Character

My definition of an emotionally complex character might be different from yours.

My version of emotionally complex is the trigger-happy maverick with everything to lose. Think Darth Vader, Eric Cartman, or Mello from… 314 more words


Resources for Writers (July 2014)

I read a lot of articles about writing on the web- there are so many fantastic websites and blogs out there sharing information about all aspects of the writing process. 715 more words


Plotting and Post-Its

The hardest part of novel writing, for me, is structure.

Like most writers, I’ve always been a reader. Things like spelling, grammar, and even the rhythm of language come intuitively for me. 444 more words


Planning Stages

I’ve tried to keep this blog a bit more personal than my previous one. In order to relate my current situation to writing, I must share news that most people who know me are already aware of. 543 more words

When characters take over plot

So, I started writing this paranormal story years ago (Clock Smyth). I’m not big into werewolves or vampires, so I sort of made up my own extrasensory ability. 328 more words

Camp NaNoWriMo, July 2014 - Day 28


So I fell behind. At least I can catch up, right?

Anyway, today was mythology day; it’s been bothering me for a bit how the Elysian religion exists but there isn’t an older “base” religion or mythos for it to grow out of. 1,095 more words