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Wakey Wakey - I'm in no danger of finishing this book!

Earlier this year, I reworked the characters and plot for my current book. The key change was to ensure my heroine was no longer wetter than an otter’s pocket… 170 more words


Rewriting the first chapter

Great, now I’ve got to rewrite the first chapter. The driver of the whole story as it’s written so far. Do I just trash the whole thing? 559 more words

Writing Process

Endless possibilities

A little bit of background: “Fatal Forgery” (the first Sam Plank novel) was based largely on the real case of a thieving banker.  I fictionalised and embellished at will, but knowing the true facts gave me a structure and limits.   290 more words

Writing a novel: where to start?

I suppose I’ve learned quite a lot about writing a novel over the past few years. A long time before that I learned how to write sentences and string them together into paragraphs that followed each other and made sense. 601 more words



Nanowrimo, National Novel Writing Month has been happening in November since 1999.  It has grown so big, November has become the international novel writing month. This is my first year participating. 1,076 more words

What Every Writer Should Be Thankful For

I was sitting around trying to figure out how to not only do the required Thanksgiving week post but to give you guys some writing advice and after awhile, I figure out how to do both. 491 more words