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It must be Autumn.

They’ve ploughed the field behind my house, which means the world has turned very brown. It’s either the end of a cycle or the start of one, depending on how you look at it!


Plough deep, these days

Maybe I could grab some more apples I thought today when walking back from the station through the village, straightaway to the grocer store. But to my great surprise the door was closed and not even when I knocked three times, the grocer’s wife came as she usual does when working in the back. 411 more words


1950 Whales, cycling and the Assassination of Margaret Thatcher

One of the most striking events that I’ve uncovered in my local history research project on Dunbar in 1950 is the beaching and death of 147 whales at… 524 more words


Your Focus

If you spend most of your time focusing on someone else’s work in their field… your field will become overgrown and worthless.

Food For Thought

Ploughed field

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