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” Hair On Upper Lip, Need I Say More “

Before I even go into this topic, I would just like to put a little disclaimer out there, that I am completely PRO choice. 195 more words

Agony Aunt Alma

French Connection UK - Angora Rabbit Cruelty

French Connection must have missed the memo: plucking angora rabbits of all their long, soft fur for mass-produced jumpers, scarves and hats causes untold suffering and trauma to the animals.  182 more words

How to Get a Full Brow Look

Have no fear, the days of pencil-thin eyebrows are in the past! With gorgeous women like Cara Delevigne and Emma Watson rocking a full brow look, it makes it easier to put down the tweezers and let them grow to their full potential. 639 more words

TDQ Articles

Vine Vera on Removing Facial Hair for Menopausal Women

When menopause comes knocking at a woman’s door, it’s usually met with the pre-disposition that everything it brings has to be completely unpleasant. For the most part, it’s true. 585 more words

Vine Vera

Eyebrow love - from crime to prime!

Eyebrows never seemed overly important to me when I was younger. I used to think ‘oh they’re just eyebrows, who cares?’ How wrong was I?! As I went through my early teens I became eyebrow obsessed and asked to start plucking them, my mum helped me shape them with a good stencil and I was fine, my obsession seized and I stopped thinking about them. 284 more words


Ode To My Unibrow

Dear Unibrow. After years of trying to forget you exist via shaving, plucking, and waxing, I can no longer ignore these questions boiling under the surface of my guilty conscious. 545 more words

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