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59 Free Twitter Tools and Apps to Fit Any Need

Twitter is a fascinating adventure of relationships, entertainment, education, and fun. Now imagine layering on a few dozen powerups.

That’s how it feels sometimes when you find just the right Twitter tool. 1,990 more words

The ultimate FREE Plugin list for FCPX

August 26, 2014

by LightLeakLove.com

In this article we are going to share over 50 FREE Final Cut Pro X plugins that we reckon are pretty darn awesome! 225 more words


Three free plug ins I highly recommend

Third party plug ins can make a huge difference to the sound you produce. For years I was resistant to making the upgrades (Mainly due to finances), but over the past few years I have built up a library of really good plug ins for absolutely nothing. 166 more words


GIMP : Film Emulation With G'MIC

I love to give a retro look to my pictures and I’ve discovered lately an amazing filters set from the G’MIC add-on on GIMP called… 147 more words


MVVM Cross Visibility Plugin

A quick forward: there is nothing in this post that isn’t already published here: https://github.com/MvvmCross/MvvmCross/wiki/Value-Converters#the-mvx-visibility-valueconverters.

In this post I referred to a BooleanToVisibilityConverter Windows Store implementation for MVVM Cross. 130 more words


3 Things To Do After Installing GIMP

Regardless of the software that we install on our PC, there is always a first step that requires us to customize our workspace. Gimp is not immune to this logic, but it may seem difficult at first to do it quickly and efficiently. 831 more words


Example Vim Settings File (.vimrc)


In short Vim is a text editor that can be both used on a UNIX command line or via it graphical user interface. It is a free and open source software written by Bram Moolenarr. 538 more words