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U-HE Bazille

u-he wants to show off with their new synth Bazille. I’ve got to admit, it sounds pretty fat.


I’ve posted a code snippet I used to sideload images from Flickr into WordPress, specifically for http://foodirl.com/ I originally stored all of my images on Flickr because I started the blog on Tumblr, knowing that I would move it later (which I did, to Crowd Fusion and then to WordPress). 27 more words

Do Magento Extensions Have the Ability to Spruce Up Your Business?

We’re literally living in an eon that is driven by the power of the Internet. Be it for commercial or personal use, the World Wide Web has taken our world by the storm. 348 more words

Advanced Admin Products Manager

Conditional activation for plugins

In this post, I present a simple way to check for things on the server before allowing a plugin to be activated.

The users are pesky. 1,546 more words

Plugin Development

Installer le plugin Adobe Flash Player sur Android

Pour pouvoir voir ou écouter certains programmes, il est malheureusement nécessaire d’avoir le plugin officiel Flash d’Adobe. Mais comme on est beaucoup plus confortable dans son lit que devant son PC de bureau sous Windows, voici une manip’ pour installer ça sur Android quand on ne trouve rien de bon sur le Play Store. 186 more words

WPML 3.1.8.x and the double slash problems continues.

Well, after my previous post WPML have relised a new version, but it looks like this error gone unnoticed.

One other error with my solution was that on the homepage paging it had errors, so here is the revised version of the fix for WPML. 186 more words