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Snowy Owls Are Back on Plum Island

It’s so cold on Plum Island already that the snowy owls have arrived! Last year the Parker River Wildlife Refuge, which makes its home on Plum Island, was a popular spot for the snowy owl beauties and quite the attraction for visitors and locals. 43 more words


Birding in New England

So recently I have been rather busy and not been able to get out as much as I would like to photograph. This past weekend I was able to get out to Plum Island and visit the Refuge. 86 more words


Art Show: The Natural Beauty of Plum Island

You’re invited! The first joint show of two artists: John Sargent in pastel and paint, and Bob Lorenz in photography.

Opening Reception
Thursday, November 6th… 85 more words


The Plum Island Giant Squid

Sightings of the giant squid or “Kraken” have been reported for centuries but the creature was long considered to be mythological. In the 18th Century, Erik Pontoppidan, bishop of Bergen in his book “The Natural History of Norway” claimed that the kraken was sometimes mistaken for an island and that ships could be sunk by the whirlpool left in its wake. 288 more words


Clam Battle! (Life Magazine, 1945)

Thanks to the Historic Plum Island Facebook page for sharing this 1945 article from Life magazine:

Last Summer, as their forefathers had for 300 years before them, the people of Ipswich and Rowley were making a comfortable living out of the rich juicy clams from the briny marsh along the Parker River. 353 more words


New book reveals true history of Plum Island

For many decades, mystery and intrigue have surrounded this island off Long Island’s North Fork. For the first time, a new book chronicles “the world’s most mysterious island.” 488 more words

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Nor'Easter Pummels Plum Island

PLUM ISLAND (CBS) — The first nor’easter of the season battered the north shore of Massachusetts Thursday.

Strong winds, heavy rains and a brutal surf had people on Plum Island watching closely. 177 more words