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Why Are We Sending Ebola Patients To The US?

We are sending up to 4000 US troops to Africa to build treatment centers primarily for health care workers. When the inevitable Ebola cases start showing up among the troops will they be sent home for treatment? 297 more words

Who We Are and What We Do

Seahorse Trading Co is a collaboration between myself, my husband Darren and my lifelong friend Julie.  Darren has always had a passion for antiques and picking.  183 more words

Dogs Dogs Dogs Part 29 starring Bodhi, Pebbles, Casey, Sadie

Had a great time in the rain at Good Harbor Beach on Saturday eve, then at Plum Island Beach on Sunday morning.   Some gorgeous dogs! 19 more words

Tiny Monsters, Human Devils & a Poison Park (Water Wars 2.0)

Source: Veterans Today, by Jack Heart, October 4th, 2014

By the mid eighties the Great South Bay of Long Island was no longer a source of income for the generational family’s that had fished its waters for two hundred years. 1,965 more words


Dogs Dogs Dogs Part 28 starring Pebbles, Pepper, and Lulu

…had a great time meeting new “friends” at Plum Island, including Pebbles the Aussie and Lulu the lab… 15 more words

Dogs Dogs Dogs Part 27

…here is an indulgent some of my favorite dogs from recent weeks… 72 more words

Cute Towns & Our First Freakin' Parking Ticket!

Day 54   August 2      part 1

Newburyport (I still keep calling it Newportbury) was a great little town. Quintessential New England.

We rolled into town in the late morning, to find a fabulous street festival taking place. 411 more words