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Fishing in Plum Island

No science lessons. Just look at the pictures and be jealous. Sunset fishing for stripers among the marshes in the beautiful Plum Island Sound. I’m not in the pictures. 16 more words

Plum Island

Underwater walking

I wade into a marsh pond and see a funny speck of dirt crawling on the surface of the water. But on the underside of the water’s surface . 270 more words


Ebola- Another US Government Success Story?

Remember the anthrax mailings to some Senators in 2001? After much prodding the government finally admitted the bugs came from the Army’s Ames Research Center. 256 more words

Girl Rescues 4-Year-Old Boy From Water Off Plum Island

PLUM ISLAND (CBS) – Colette Crooks is only 10 years old but her quick thinking saved a four-year-old boy when she found him floating face up in the waters of Plum Island. 193 more words


The greenheads are coming, the greenheads are coming!

I wanted to take her picture so I let her bite me.

I’ve had stranger dates.

She finds a suitable spot near my elbow. She cuts with her mouthparts that look like ragged handsaws. 502 more words