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Weeds making waves

I just got an essay published in Science! This is a big deal because Science is one the premier science journals in the world. Unfortunately I can’t upload a pdf to my blog because of copyright issues, but I can link to the article, which is unfortunately behind a paywall. 48 more words

The Scribe

Dogs Dogs Dogs part 12, Eddie and Echo Meet For The First Time!

Friday evening, April 4, 2014, the day that Eddie (an 85 pound lab-husky rescue) and Echo ( a 30 lb mix) met for the first time.   63 more words

Dogs Dogs Dogs part 11

…playing around with some new best friends the past 2 evenings…temp was 50 degrees!

Dogs Dogs Dogs part 10

…the storm has passed and it actually felt balmy this evening at 40 degrees.  Some more gorgeous dogs on the beach…

Botruc Plum Isle

That’s Hobo on the left. And what is that larger vessel?  Although I was told it was a supply vessel, a little hunting turned up another category, a botruc . 137 more words


Dogs Dogs Dogs part 9

…some new and some old friends from the glorious world of Plum Island…



Peninsular Charleston at 20X vertical exaggeration.
South Carolina has superb lidar data. Here is 10 foot resolution.