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Fun Tip Friday: How to Get Soft Plump Lips

No one enjoys having cracked, dry lips so I’ll share with you my secret on how I keep my lips moisturized and plump!


I keep the largest sized tub of vaseline by my bedside and apply a large amount every night before bed. 157 more words

Fat..Who me?

One of the topics I am somewhat passionate about is body size.  I am not a thin woman in fact I am, yes I’m going to say it, fat!!!!   527 more words

Easy Way to Plump Your lips 💋

I must apologize for my absence. I was at a friends house for two nights and I didn’t find the time to write.

Recently I’ve been noticing, on the internet, that many girls and women want to plump their lips. 123 more words


Plump and Cheesy Pizza

I once called a pizza place. It was a pizza place I do not intend on calling again.

Why you ask? Because after the phone rang for awhile I was connected to an employee that was not a part of that particular store, but rather of the entire franchise. 450 more words


Snail's Pace

For two weeks this post has been in my head and I have finally decided to post it.

It was a critical time in my life and best friend’s too. 495 more words

All Things Food Related

Oxygen facial treatment- my take on the latest beauty cult

I had one last week. An oxygen facial treatment at a beauty spa. Though it wasn’t part of the plan (the facial was, the OXYGEN wasn’t), things just happened so fast that I agreed to the treatment before my brain could even put the two words together: oxygen+facial. 287 more words