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OOTD: Raver/Scene Child

Currently Listening To: “P.L.U.R” -Blood on the Dance Floor

Not actually listening to it, but I’m sure it’s bound to play considering I’m listening to my BOTDF playlist. 430 more words

Good Things

Day Ten Entry

A list of things you like about yourself. 


1.) I am observant to the world and people around me. I notice things other people do not.  176 more words

Writing Challenges

On War, the Bleeding Ground

As in all of history’s crusades, our brothers and sisters take each others’ lives. One can’t help but want to scream, “It is not your life to take! 159 more words

Vitamin C

Beyond Wonderland - Bay Area

Alright, so I also just booked my flight to San Francisco today to go to Beyond Wonderland in September. :D Ahhhh. at least once or twice a year I meet up with a childhood friend (Since 6th grade) currently  going to be 24 this year, and we go to a rave or festival. 73 more words

Hudson Project Recap

So I’m sitting here on Monday morning and struggling to recap the last 72 (ish?) hours. It’s a lot to sum up in a blog post, and I’m beat. 1,022 more words

The True Success

I laid in bed late one night contemplating the direction my life was taking. Am I going in the right direction? Am I successful? Am I living life to that absolute fullest? 279 more words


Mysteryland USA: A rave for the record books

Mysteryland graced the presence of US soil for the first time this spring at the historic fields of Woodstock 1969. It was a tall order for any festival to fill at a location like that. 568 more words