Big Comfy Cushions

 How could you not love these plush pals?
I am ready to name them and bring them home.

Three cheers for Artbox!

Staying Happy

The Blog & Buy Sale Spring Wish List!

I am lucky enough to have had two of my toys selected to be featured in the Blog & Buy Sale Spring Wish List! A stegosaurus dinosaur balancing on top of a mini sewing machine and an elephant jumping through an embroidery hoop are nestled in amongst some wonderful handmade treasures and I’m so proud to see them there. 14 more words

Plush Toy


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Mini Gator Squeaker Mat      Mini Mallard Squeaker Mat

6 squeakers, 23-25cm (length) 8cm (width)

Jump on me, chew on me, best of all squeak me. 45 more words


Konfeta Kroj shop on Etsy.com

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There will be some new stuff soon!

My sewing machine is repaired and now it’s working like new! :)

Stuffed Toys


I finished this last night – a large foam Labrador to be used as a window display.

I don’t normally take commissions, but this was for a friend and sounded like fun to make on a shoestring. 32 more words


Luv Pets by Russ Berrie

Russ Berrie’s Luv Pets are  stuffed animals that are very soft and just the right size for a small child to hold.  Many children adopted a Luv Pet as their favorite plush, and we are frequently contacted by parents looking for a now discontinued Luv Pet. 82 more words