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Alexis Tsipras' Saturn Victory

When my cat learned that Alexis Tsipras’ Syriza Party was winning the Greek elections, she was quite ecstatic. Confounded once again by feline behavior, I asked how a politically-conservative cat with a Rick Santorum poster over her litter box could support a left-leaning radical. 808 more words

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Uranus and Pluto Epic Stand Off 2012- 2015


Irresistible force meets immovable object!

This combination of planets…… rebellious, freedom- loving, anti-establishment URANUS making a 90 degree angle to ruthless, transformative, power loving PLUTO. 764 more words

Uranus Square Pluto

Imaginary-to-Real in Three Easy Aspects

Do you wish your imaginary friends were real?

What, you say you have no imaginary friends? Is the person you spend most of your time with what you imagined him/her to be? 791 more words

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Thorn in the Paw

The thorn in the paw can be avoided – that is, one can avoid the rawness by not touching the affected area – but ultimately its negative affect upon the being holding the thorn cannot lift without the removal of the thorn. 180 more words