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Happy Easter!

Some of you may be thinking that you’re not Catholic or Christian. I’m not either, but I thought these Disney Easter eggs were really cute, and I hope none of you take offense to this post. 7 more words

Anthony & Kathleen

Pluto's Day of Reckoning

by Shane L. Larson

NB: I originally wrote this post to outline my TEDx NorthwesternU talk in 2014.  Watch the video here.  Please enjoy both! 3,185 more words

P is for Planets and Pluto

So, just exactly what is a planet…and why doesn’t Pluto still get to be one?

Well, believe it or not, there was actually a vote by a group called the IAU (International Astronomical Union) about the criteria for a planet. 352 more words

Earth Guide, Sun in Taurus, 2014, by Zooey!

Category: Earth Guides Published on Friday, 18 April 2014 10:48

Confucius said that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Okay, he didn’t say that, he said, “Only in winter does the pine tree shows its true strength.” But it’s close. 3,480 more words


Interesting concept! If they deliver what they promise, they are addressing one of the email users long time pain point!

Pluto Mail


Pluto permits you to unsend emails, monitor email openings, edit sent emails, and s…


Plutonian Subsurface Porpoise

Pluto might have oceans underneath
it’s outer skin.

There could be alien mermaids
With seashell icicles covering their breasts,

swimming just a handful and a half… 87 more words


Methodological Hubris Again

There is an article about dwarf planets I found I am annoyed with.  For one thing, someone named the newest discovery after Vice-President Biden because the designation “VP” came with it.  360 more words