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Tarot Card of the Week: XX. The Judgment

The card of redemption, resurrection, and forgiveness, The Judgment marks the fulfillment of destiny and the resolution of Karma within the Tarot.  “Karma” is here understood as the “law” of cause and effect, with “law” in scare quotes due to the implied will or purpose innate to most Western notions of “law.”  The Judgment does not indicate that one will judge or be judged (look to VIII Justice for that), but rather that one will suddenly overcome the myopia of one’s past judgments and certainties, and thereby be freed of one’s self-limiting projections and delusions. 1,232 more words

Tarot Card Meanings

Islamic Gihad (Jihad)

On my article Pluto in Capricorn which was published on my site on October 2009 I wrote:
There might be enlargement of terrorist acts. The main problem is the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan. 172 more words


How to twitter to your friends!

I attended a workshop to help me increase my tweets and sell pledges for my book Lily Poole.  Well, I didn’t actually attend. I live on the planet Pluto and it was in London. 441 more words

A Dog Walks into a Bar

August 18, 1930

The world of Disney (as opposed to Disney World) is “peopled” by a group of cartoon animals who walk on two legs, talk intelligibly and dress sylishly. 250 more words

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