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In Tuesday’s Sun: enough of the wannabe police, already

Get this: in both of last week’s attacks in Canada, the politicians were announcing the deaths of Patrice Vincent and Nathan Cirillo, and labelling them as “terrorist” attacks ahead of any such police announcements. 672 more words

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Canada criminalizes criticism of Israel: Analyst

This article speaks for itself… -LW

The pro-Israel Canadian government is modifying the country’s criminal code to ban any criticism of the Zionist regime for atrocities against Palestinians, an analyst says. 247 more words

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Canada’s true role in the Mideast conflict - Former PM Chrétien

Amazing op-ed and criticism of a current PM by a former PM: Jean Chrétien’s biting commentary on PM Harper:

For example, all the war in Iraq did was to make the region and the world a much more dangerous place.

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Harper learning to separate Islam from terrorism: Siddiqui | Toronto Star

Signs of change noted by one of the harsher critics of the Harper Government, Haroon Siddiqui:

Harper himself avoids Canadian Muslims except for a selected few, such as the minority Ismailis.

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Agree or Disagree: Canada sending military support to stop ISIS

In case you missed it today, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced a 6 month maximum commitment of air combat to fight ISIS.

For a rundown for the story, here is a link to the story from CBC which you can read  18 more words


In New York, the Prime Minister talks about winning immigrant votes

The “fourth sister” of Canadian politics to use Tom Flanagan’s phrase.

Most of the analysis I have seen (2011 Canada Election Study and related articles) have a similar nuanced understanding of the Conservative Party’s success, but all acknowledge the “showing up” aspect of the outreach by Jason Kenney as having an impact on some communities. 293 more words