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TV Saturday: Orphan Black’s clone class is back in session (with video)

Clone class is back in session, but this time there won’t be a test afterwards.

Orphan Black, the inventive, homegrown sci-fi parable about cloning, scientific conspiracy, mistaken identity and morality, may sound intimidating to the casual, first-time viewer, but it’s not that at all. 403 more words


Canada's Special Forces to get new vehicles for the Arctic but Army left out in the cold

Canada’s special forces will get a new fleet of armoured vehicles for use in the Arctic and in the desert while a similar project for the army has been sidelined because of a lack of money. 550 more words


Canada to allow Sikh kirpans in its embassies and missions abroad

By Jeff Lacroix-Wilson

Ottawa Citizen

Eight years after the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that kirpans – the ceremonial daggers worn by those of the Sikh faith – could be safely brought into schools under certain conditions, they will now be allowed into all Canadian embassies and missions abroad. 667 more words


Photos: The world observes Good Friday

Images of Good Friday celebrations from across the globe.


As Canada dawdles, Denmark shows the world how to stop mass medicating animals

COPENHAGAN, Denmark  — Michael Nielsen unlocks the door to his pig factory. He doffs his jacket, pants and muddy boots and zips on white coveralls. Then he steps into the maze-like complex housing several thousand pigs. 1,865 more words


Tories vote for rule change that could block MP Rob Anders from seeking nomination in different riding

The Conservative national council voted Thursday night to change the rules so that an MP who has lost one nomination race will need a waiver from the party before seeking the nomination in another riding. 587 more words