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A Call for a Toasted Pork

It’s a big deal for the society to tackle on the political issues in the Philippines with wide variety of hot matters in which resulted to toilsome discussions within the public office. 716 more words


Marcos, His Solution to Philippine Energy Crisis

MANILA, Phippines — For the many, he might be the most unloved figure in Philippines history, but former President Ferdinand E. Marcos also brought this country to its heydays no other presidents have achieved. 389 more words

More Entrepreneurs in the Philippines!

Last September 9, I attended the ASEAN Business Awards Philippines.

It’s a body that recognizes businesses that contributes to our country on our trade with the South East Asian region economy. 1,451 more words

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Crossing fingers for LP dilemma

If the ruling Liberal Party (LP) wants to maintain its leadership in 2016 and beyond, it better start getting their act in sync now or all will be lost to the opposition. 694 more words


Aquino is a joke - Bayan

September 14, 2014

Aquino is a joke – Bayan

President Aquino has reduced the issue of term extension to two things – ensuring the continuity of his so-called reforms and avoiding the pitfalls of a lame-duck presidency for the remaining period of his term. 193 more words

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[Press Release] PNOY: make your 4 minutes speech on climate meaningful and just -PMCJ

PNOY: make your 4 minutes speech on climate meaningful and just

Continuing the tradition of sending someone off to abroad, but with a twist, groups led by Philippine Movement for Climate Justice (PMCJ) marched to Malacanang to physically express their sentiments to PNoy’s policy on climate change. 889 more words

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