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Not All Ramen - Yes, All (Hot) Ramen

People keep raving about sriracha sauce. It’s kind of a recent culinary discovery in Finland. I’m not a huge fan of terribly hot food. I have a sensitive tummy. 480 more words


I love salads. We eat loads of them during the hotter months both as main and sides.In the winter months, we tend to eat less salads as I I find myself put off by the idea of eating something cold, so I have been trying out different warm salads. 197 more words

Food & Drink

FOOD: avocado toast + poached egg

Today in poorly photographed but VERY delicious food.

Avocados are the new love of my life. They’re very easy to prepare, which is great because I’m not a huge fan of cooking + they taste amazing with everything. 251 more words


Poached eggs and leftovers

Poached eggs are one of my favorite lunch items. They go well with almost anything, are easy to make while  lending that air of brunch-time sophistication, and best of all are packed with protein. 256 more words

A La Minute

Duck confit with poached egg and potatoes

The potatoes are fried. Hollandaise sauce is served atop the perfect poached egg. The duck, cooked in its own fat is crispy on the outside and juicy in the inside. 37 more words


Italian Quinoa Bowl

I love quinoa, I don’t always eat it… in fact I don’t ALWAYS eat healthy, why? Because I am a human and sometimes I want a mozza burger, that’s why! 162 more words


Poached Egg on Toast with...

… habañero sauce, brown mustard, and ground peppercorns for lunch today.

My chickens stopped laying eggs in early December but lately they’ve been laying one or two eggs twice a week. 33 more words