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Herby Salmon Fish Cakes

These tasty little morsels are great as a special/weekend breakfast, healthy lunch or wholesome starter. I make breadcrumbs out of any leftover white bread from the weekend and process with lemon zest, seasoning and whatever herbs I have at the time – these are perfect for this type of dish. 352 more words


Korean Bento Box

Napa Cabbage Kimchi, Mayo Spicy Dried Squid, Miso Sauce Braised Duck, Poached Egg and Lettuce
on Steamed Korean Rice


Peas with Portuguese Sausage and Poached Egg

When I think of comfort food, I go back to my roots back in Portugal and my Grandma Kitchen (a magic place!) and this particular dish: Peas with Portuguese Sausage and Poached Egg (translated is Ervilhas com Chouriço e Ovos Escalfados)… It is a very simple dish but the flavors are fantastic! 283 more words


English Breakfast Pizza

It was about a month ago that my favorite pizza place in Singapore closed. It was my favorite not because it made the best pizza (that is Spizza) but because it was near work and the gym, pizza by the slice was cheap and there was lots of cheese on each slice. 175 more words


Cook Club: How do you like your eggs in the morning?

So despite (too) many of my (unapproved) nicknames being based around the food, I was actually never too keen on eggs. Apart from dippy ones, because that way I could just eat the yolk and didn’t have to go near the wobbly white bit that made me feel sick excellent. 196 more words


Goan Egg Drop Curry (Curried Poached Eggs with flavors from Goa)

Egg Drop Curry is what my mother used to prepare for any surprise guest visits at home. Its easy to make, its rich with flavor and its filling to tummy. 515 more words

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