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In need of Support

Ladies I need your support. I promised myself months ago that I would not POAS until I was at least a week late. Well today I am 1 day before my expected period with no signs of AF and I want to brake my promise. 108 more words

Frozen embies?

As we know, I had my transfer on Monday and at that point, there were none viable for freezing. There were two that they thought may have been viable for freezing, the morula and the early blastocyst, but both needed to be grown more to be able to decide if they were good enough quality. 388 more words

Well, that was unneeded.....

Some of you ladies may know this feeling. You have done the TWW, POAS a hundred times, and you KNOW you are NOT pregnant. Still, your clinic makes you come in for that blood test, “just to make sure”. 587 more words

12DPIUI / 13DPIUI - POAS, and the result was.....

Negative. Zero hcg. Nada. Nothing. Nowt. One Big Fat Negative. Not even the faintest of evaporation lines.

I have already cried.

I don’t understand why my body would tease me with the release of 3 SEEMINGLY great eggs, and then not get pregnant? 684 more words

one week from today....and just some babble

In 7 days I will know if I am pregnant, or is it we are pregnant? I always cringed when people would say “we’re pregnant” because I’m pretty sure only one of you is pregnant…but now it doesn’t bother me as much. 489 more words

Positive That Positive Is Coming!

This is my ClearBlue test from this morning!

I believe I have mentioned that my surro sisters are Queens of All Things Pregnancy Test Related. The red dye ones are better than blue dye, etc etc. 211 more words

Pee on All The Sticks!!!

Okay, I believe I may have said that I was planning on waiting until the blood tests on the 15th … and I wasn’t planning on taking home pregnancy tests. 238 more words