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Hello Embies!

Right now you are 12 days old. You were conceived on December 3. You were 2 of 28 eggs retrieved from my ovaries that day. Five days later, you and 14 of your friends developed into good or fair (but we think you’re awesome!) embryos and were frozen. 193 more words

Mommy's Thoughts

The 5-day wait

The 5-day wait between retrieval and transfer has been going pretty slowly.  But I’m managing.

I’ve been having some pretty uncomfortable issues with my digestive system, and was pretty damn miserable for a couple of days.   316 more words

POAS, I broke down

2 days before beta, middle of the day, just went 1.5 hours earlier, positive!

I am pregnant! Told my husband, And now you all. Waiting on telling family and friends until after Friday’s 3rd beta. 21 more words

Let me explain!!

No! I was not having a photoshoot with my pee stick in the bathroom!!!!
I woke up this morning, used another expired HPT (it’s all we have, I told you, I haven’t broke down and tested in a looooong time) I just really wanted that feeling of getting a positive test for once in my life! 151 more words


Volcanoes Today, 31 Mar 2014: Etna, Ibu, Poas, Sinabung

Etna (Sicily, Italy): Since the end of lava effusion 3 days ago, Etna has remained all quiet and the recent flow field is now slowly cooling down. 114 more words

News/ Current Events

How to POAS.

When you are a POAS addict and infertile, there are two common sense techniques you should employ when peeing on a stick.

(Photo Credit… 140 more words


The Pee Stick-Up

Wooster, OH- A local drug store was robbed of over 300 dollars worth of home pregnancy tests.  Two women came running into the store yelling unintelligible words and letters, witnesses shared.  257 more words