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Cycle Day 19 - TTC Tag Video

Hey ladies!

I was supposed to be visiting my mom right now but her new kitten has ringworm so we decided it was best for me to just stay home. 166 more words

Trying To Conceive

The Numbers Game

Five days after my transfer I got my first glimpse of a line… or at least I thought I did. The truth is I’d spent so much time staring at negative tests that I really wasn’t sure I hadn’t gone cross-eyed!

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Cycle Day 17

Hey, hey, hey!

So today is just like the last few days…which means I am not ovulating. I have tested for the past seven days and none of my test strips ever came up positive. 111 more words

Trying To Conceive

Release the hounds!

Tomorrow is CD6, which means time to pee on things! PARTY ON.  If I stay predictable it looks like my fertile window could be right around Thanksgiving.  447 more words


Cycle Day 16

Well I’ll get straight to it…I wasn’t ovulating yesterday and am still not ovulating today. I thought the test line was gradually getting darker and maybe I was going to have an LH surge but that still hasn’t happened. 267 more words

Trying To Conceive

Oh, Amazon...

So, no time like the present to load up on more ovulation predictor sticks as per directions from the repro medicine clinic, right? So I am on Amazon and exploring my options since Walgreens is just out of their fucking minds with what they charge for this shit.  109 more words


I'm back. I have no witty title, but I have that damn Backstreet Boys song in my head now.

I know, I JUST posted. But omg, I have to say it somewhere. My cervix hurts so bad. I sit down, it hurts. I stand up, it hurts. 55 more words