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The rationing of pee sticks on 6dp5dt

Contents of the test basket in my bathroom cabinet yesterday:

  • 1 Clearblue Digital Ovulation test
  • 1 Wondfo pregnancy test
  • 3 First Response Early Result pregnancy tests…
  • 554 more words


Symptoms – nothing much to report – occasional very mild cramping.

Alternating between getting nervous that nothing took and hopeful that both did.

The 2ww really can play with your mind. 13 more words


the scan 3WW is a worse wait....

I need to find a way to relax with this pregnancy thing….  There always seems to be another milestone before you can fully appreciate being pregnant.. 170 more words


Green eyed again.

Ending this cycle with medroxyprogesterone again. Once a new cycle begins I will get in for a follow up scan to see how my cysts are doing. 245 more words


Confessions of a POAS addict

Remember when I said my husband was going to hide my cheapie home pregnancy tests? Well… he didn’t.

I’ve been testing every morning from 4dp5dt until today 7dp5dt. 382 more words

13DP5DT.....2nd bloods are great

I’m happy. Everything is relatively uneventful so far.

Second bloods today. On 9DP5DT I was 182.  Today at 13DP5DT I’m 765. Progesterone is awesome, so I can wean off the messaries …yeeha! 91 more words


Two Week Waits & Peeing On Things Like A Dog

If I actually ovulated this past weekend like I think I might have then that means I am in my first two week wait. I’m not sure how someone can be trying for almost 11 months and not have a two week wait but  that’s what irregular cycles do for you I guess. 295 more words