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Let's Play the Catch-Up Game!

It’s a game I just made up, and it goes something like this: I sit at the computer and try to pump out a blog post that encompasses my first month of living in this beautiful new place without droning on too long and losing your interest. 1,981 more words

Talking to Myself

I was sitting there, analyzing my “symptoms”, and I thought:



Unfortunately, I was only 6 days past ovulation. 


My logical brain said:

273 more words
Baby Brain... Sans Baby

The Question Has Been Answered

Well this sucks. 

(And that is using PG language compared to what is running through my mind right now).

Last night, I had a small amount of spotting when I went to bed.  791 more words


If things go well...and other phrases I'm beginning to hate

Women get pregnant every day, but I wonder how many have to use a disclaimer every time they talk about their pregnancy and anything involving the future? 109 more words


Ovulation Prediction Rambling

I’ve barely started this blog and already I’ve missed a Friday post! This does not bode well for me. Go figure.

Cycle day 15 people. If  I was regular and ovulated by the book today would be the day, but according to my temps and OPKs, I’m not quite normal. 793 more words

Trying To Conceive

Starting a band

So I think I want to start a band and call it Tears and Angry Boobs.

Our first album will be “Don’t Make Me Cut You.” 101 more words


I'm having a pity party

I am on my 7th “high” day of fertility, which means no peak. It’s just all estrogen all the time for me. Which means no egg released. 38 more words