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Discriminating Against the Disciminators: Striking a Compromise Between Liberal Hedonism and Religious Zealotry

Last year in the city of Pocatello (where I live) the city council passed a non-discrimination ordnance, prohibiting businesses from discriminating against members of LGBT community. 605 more words

One Year! (What) {August 18, 2014}

Dear Yearlings and……..Kids,


So this week I hit my official year mark! Now I’m at the point where I say I’ve been out “a little over a year” for the next six months, because heaven knows members here will give me MORE food if I say I’ve been out any longer than that. 545 more words

Pocatello Idaho Mission

Psych Out!

I think it would be funny if a psychic opened up her shop and no one came in all day. Oh, the irony.

There are so many people who won’t go to church because they don’t like a preacher telling them what to do, but they’ll pay money to see a psychic who tells them what to do. 521 more words


Happy Thursday all! Since yesterday was LADIES night why not have MENS night tonight?! We have our BIG bottles and cans of BEER on special all day long! Come in and see us!

Mama Inez