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Don't Mess with a Messy Teenager

THE Monster’s grounded – and it’s for reasons to do with the pictures (above and below) that I took today.

She’s 14-years-old, yet seems incapable of doing everyday tasks such as making her bed or clearing up mess. 554 more words

They might not be the worlds most generous parents but are they the strictest?

I found an article on dutchnews.nl which is actually all written in English which is great. It also ties in with the episode of “The Words Strictest Parents: Holland” I saw on BBCthree recently too. 655 more words



A photo of my children every week, for the whole year.

Megan: trying to earn money by cleaning the windows and dusting.

Alex: has been desperate to wear shorts all winter and today was a cracker of a day, so he could show off his legs! 7 more words



The latest data on the gender pay gap in the UK shows that women are earning only 80p for every £1 earned by men.  Recently the UK Labour party calculated that it would take 60 more years to close this gap with the current policies in place. 815 more words

Family Matters

Pocket Money Fitness

Living in a recession isn’t exactly fun and for most, means sacrificing certain priorities like health and fitness. Although I understand this, I can’t help but worry about the impact this will have on our society and future generations. 802 more words


Show Them the Money!

Money is changing hands at the Rodericks residence. All sorts or deals are being brokered and negotiations made.
Yes, we’ve started giving pocket money to our kids. 291 more words

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