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جہاں مرد اپنی پوری تنخواہ بیوی کے حوالے کر کے صرف پاکٹ منی پر گزارا کرتا ہے

 آبی جان نے مجھے بتایا کہ جسے ہی اسکو ساچو سے مہینے کے آخری دن تنخواہ کا لفافہ ملتا ہے وہ سلپ کے ساتھ پورا لفافہ جوں کا توں بیوی کے حضور پیش کر دیتا ہے ، بیگم صاحبہ سلپ دیکھ کر کیش گنتی ہیں اور اس میں سے میاں کو پورے مہینے کا جیب خرچ دیتی ہے.


Milky Way

Because classic spacemen still need calcium…

The very wonderful Classic Space Pocket Money Contest is running for a third year on MOCPages. We’re very excited by this, and not just because it gives us an excuse to build something elf-sized and fire it into space… 94 more words


Money Matters

The Church of England have recently proposed  creating “savings clubs” in schools to teach children the value of money & how to save.
A pilot scheme is being set up in 6 schools which will run for 9 months before being rolled out across the country. 534 more words


The Great Pocket Money Debate

From the moment your child turns old enough to understand the concept of money, he or she is going to expect some pocket money. There’s a lot of debate about when kids should start getting pocket money, for how long they should get it, and how much money they actually need. 156 more words


How do you teach a child to take responsibility?

You can imagine it now. Your child has been saving for weeks for something they really want. And just when they have almost enough money to buy it, they decide they want something else. 429 more words