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How to make your pocket-money last the entire month

Saurabh Siddharth, 2nd year, ENE.

Ever wondered how you run out of cash by the 20th of every month. Despite many of your attempts and resolutions to save money or keeping a mental tab of your expenditures, you always end up short of funds. 330 more words


I is for Income

When I was a kid, my father gave my brother and myself pocket money.  To earn the money we were expected to mind our manners, keep our rooms reasonably tidy, and take turns drying the dishes and clearing the table. 402 more words


The very definition.

S: M, are you done with the brown paint?

M: No. I making my puppy fabulous.


Pocket money for children; 9 tips to think about

As I discovered when chatting to a group of parents about pocket money, the topic can get quite emotive and there are lots of different views about how much, when to start and whether or not to ‘pay ‘children to do chores. 861 more words

Money Behaviour

Kids and money

Of all the unsettling questions I thought my girls might ask as they grew up, how much ‘pocket-money’ they should be getting was not one I anticipated. 675 more words

Frankly Speaking

The Godfather of Lunchtime

A little window into my worries around this came on Monday.  My eldest came down the stairs ready for school.  She is a great girl.  One of life’s daydreamers and although not socially awkward, she struggles to make strong connections at school.  574 more words

Au pair to the rescue

By definition ‘Au pair‘ is an unmarried young adult aged 18 to 30 years, who has no children and travels to a foreign country for a defined period of time to live with a host family The au pair is considered as a full member of the family during the entire stay. 934 more words