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Show Them the Money!

Money is changing hands at the Rodericks residence. All sorts or deals are being brokered and negotiations made.
Yes, we’ve started giving pocket money to our kids. 291 more words

Alison Rodericks

Pocket Money by Wayne Dobson

I just buy the item from JB Magic and sending to me :)

I will write a review after I perform this trick



One Week of Strawberries

I am writing this post from the Boryspil International Airport in Kiev, Ukraine. I am on my way to Yerevan, Armenia. However, I don´t want to write about my trip to Armenia (at least not yet :) ). 425 more words

Moments In Life

Sibling rivalry

As my brother is packed off to a UCAS event with £5 to pay for the train I wonder if I was given the same. Now I know I wasn’t but that was only because I didn’t go to the same event two years ago because I wasn’t in the country but that doesn’t mean I haven’t had my fair share of hand outs over the years. 339 more words


Out of Pocket

Pinnacle gets asked a lot if kids should be given pocket-money and if yes how much? Our definite answer is “yes” kids should be slowly introduced to an allowance but it is important to draw some rules around it and build a clear framework… 144 more words

{Raising Little People} A pocket money guide..

Nobody is ever going to argue that little-birdies aren’t hella expensive. Worse still is when the little mites are no longer just expecting you to water and feed them but also wanting their own spending money. 37 more words

This Is Life

Chapter 7: Burn Baby Burn, More Money More Money More Money, €10k Loan

Burn Baby Burn

Broadcasting live and interactive grinds was by no means a cheap affair. In fact, it was fucking expensive. We would pay teachers up to €110 per hour to come in and deliver their grind. 753 more words